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Subject: [TGF] Name Variation, a name change or a priest who can't spell
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 13:23:46 -0400 (EDT)

In researching my Lennon/Lannon/Linnon ancestors. I have discovered
another name variation which has me somewhat puzzled.
Catherine (Lennon) Douras was born 31 May 1846 according to her obituary,
her death certificate has 21 June 1841 . The death certificate lists her
father as Hugh Lennon. Census records have her born anywhere from 1841-1847.
The majority are 1845-1847. I have found a baptism record in the Saint
Philip's Catholic Church register from Richmond, Ontario, Canada that reads:
1845 June 25 Baptized Catherine born 31 May legitimate daughter of Hugh
Linning and Catherine O'Neil sponsors Edward Moore & Mary O'Neil
There is another record in the register that reads:
1838 July 15 Baptized Hugh born 21st June same year legitimate son of Hugh
Lemming and Catherine O'Neil sponsors were Dennis O'Neil and Anne Short
A third entry is:
1840 December 25th Baptized Dennis born 24 November same year legitimate
son of Hugh Quinn and Catherine O'Neil sponsors Dennis O'Neil and Ann Ryan
These images are available on Family Search in the Ontario Catholic Church
Records for Carleton, Richmond, St. Philip. The first one is in Baptisms,
marriages, burials 1845 -1868, image 6 and the last two are in Baptisms,
marriages, burials 1836-1845, images 13 & 20.
Comparing the Canadian census records from 1842 and 1852, with these
baptisms it appears that all three are children of Hugh Lennon/Linnen. The ages
and given names match what is in the census records. There are not any Hugh
Lemming's or Linnings in the census records for this area for that matter
there aren't any Lemmings or Linnings at all. I have looked at the
conformation lists and a list of parishioners and found no other Lemmings or
Linnings. Currently I haven't found this name in connection with the location in
any other record. I still have to search property, probate and other court
records. There is a Hugh Lunny in Fitzroy in 1851 with a wife by the name
of Susan there are no children in the household with the names Catherine,
Hugh or Dennis.
My question has anyone run into this kind of name variation? Would an
Irish accent add a "g" to a surname? Is the priest's spelling that bad?
Ann Gilchrest

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