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Subject: Re: [TGF] More on copyright
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 19:55:57 -0400
References: <002101cd2558$5e8ef7b0$1bace710$> <023001cd25eb$4e7bc950$eb735bf0$> <000e01cd25f7$8a136890$9e3a39b0$> <024301cd25fb$1f0235f0$5d06a1d0$><001e01cd25fd$13c4a360$3b4dea20$><037301cd262a$eebf5190$cc3df4b0$><00a301cd263d$546e0790$fd4a16b0$><03a901cd2661$a3d5e680$eb81b380$>
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Yup, I clicked it wrong. I am happy to find all of these old issues
available. It is nice of Ancestry to do that. Now I have something to
read this week :) That article was very interesting. It definitely proved
your point! It makes you wonder how many other "unreadable" documents will
become readable with the technology out there now.


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Thanks, Michele, for telling us about its availability in Google Books. I
had not discovered that, either.

The past issues used to be conveniently available at Ancestry itself. Then
Ancestry moved them to Ancestry Library, with changed links. Today, the only
place I could find that particular article was at (That's the
link I gave you and it definitely worked. It's likely that the part of the
link that's on a separate line was left behind when you clicked on it.) For
certain, having these old issues at Google Books is the best option yet.
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