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From: "Michele Lewis" <>
Subject: [TGF] Finding marriage licenses in unexpected places :)
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2012 12:10:29 -0400

I have found two marriage licenses recently that were in unexpected places
(taught me to think out of the box a bit!)

1) Woodrow Wilson Simmons and Nellie Kelly married about 1951. They were
both living in Denham Springs, Livingston Parish prior to their marriage.
Livingston Parish had no marriage record for them. They both came from
Lamar County, Mississippi originally. No record in Lamar County either. His
parents were buried in Lamar County and her parents were buried in
Livingston Parish. I checked the surrounding counties/Parishes. Nothing.
All of the living descendants believed they had married in Livingston
Parish. I noticed that Nellie's parents had married in Pike County, MS.
There was no reason for Woody and Nellie to have married in Pike County
because her parents moved to Lamar and that is where she was from but I was
running out of options. Yup, you guessed it, they married in Pike County,
MS on 25 Jane 1952. I have no idea why. On the license their residence is
listed as Denham Springs, Livingston Parish, LA.

2) Ida Leora Perry grew up in Lamar County, MS. She then moved to
Shreveport, LA to go to nursing school. After nursing school she stayed on
at the hospital for a couple of years until she contracted TB. She then
moved to Acadia Parish and then finally to St. Landry Parish moving in with
her sister who was also a nurse. She went to Denver, Colorado 4 months
before her death for health reasons. A short obit ran in the local newspaper
in LA stating that Mrs. Ida Foust had died in Denver. No other details were
given. There was only a small window of time when she could have married
(between 18 Apr 1910 when she was still listed as single in St. Landry
Parish and her death in Denver on 31 Aug 1911. Her death certificate stated
her husband was E. P. Foust, no other info. So where did this couple marry?
Lamar County, MS? No. Caddo Parish, LA? No. Acadia Parish, LA? No. St.
Landry Parish, LA? No. Denver, CO? No. I was at a total loss until
someone on THIS LIST found the couple being married in Houston, TX! WHAT?
Why on earth would they get married there? Her husband (full name Enos
Pierce Foust) had grown up in Acadia Parish BUT after he moved out of the
house his parents moved to Houston, TX :) Apparently they had traveled to
Houston to be with his parents when they married :) I would have never have
thought to look there (though I will be a little more creative in my
thinking from now on).


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