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From: Harold Henderson <>
Subject: [TGF] Dealing with our substandard pasts
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 07:28:16 -0600

Kim's post provoked me to ask for advice, even though this is a topic I
know has been discussed before: how do you deal with the work you did
before you knew what you were doing?

I have a good-sized tree on line, some of which I'm sure is accurate, and
some not so much. I'll never live long enough to fix it even if that was
all I ever did. But I have met many interesting potential relatives and
research projects by having it on line.

I have compromised by leaving it up but by leaving out the (usually very
inadequate) citations, so that those who want to know more have to get in
touch. But I've never been quite sure whether that is the best approach.


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