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From: Pat Traynor <>
Subject: Re: [TRAY] What a find!
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 10:31:25 -0700

At 10:58 PM 4/26/02 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>For a long time now I have watched all the postings on this list and wished
that I knew where my Traynors came from. I had traced them all around
Bathurst NSW, Australia and that was all I knew.
>Early this week I found out that Family History people are in the Orange
library on Friday mornings so down I went. I showed the lady my sheet of the
marriage of John Traynor to Rose Hannah Martin. All it had was the date and
occupations, everything else said NOT STATED. She looked at it for a while
and then looked at me and finally said,"This is my family!"
>Can you imagine our surprise? She gave me masses of family on the four
lines and I now happily know that John Traynor was son of James Traynor who
was born about 1831 in County Monaghan in Ireland. His wife was Bridget Fox
who was born about 1832 in Westmead, Ireland. She was the daughter of
Michael Fox and Rose Reid, no date or place known.
>I don't quite know what I do next, but at the moment I am still thoroughly
in shock.
>Could someone please advise me where to look to find James Traynors family.
I imagine this will still be a difficult task, but one brick wall
disappeared so you never know.

Lucky you!! That's great.

What if you hadn't decided to go to that library that day, or that
particular woman wasn't there to see your information?

I don't know of a placename in Ireland of WESTMEAD. My townland list is not
complete though.
It may be a mispelling of the county of WESTMEATH, which is two counties to
the south of Monaghan. I am assuming your James married Bridget in Ireland.

I find that there are more TRAYNORS in the south of county Monaghan. TRAINOR
is more prevelant in the northern portion, if that is any help.

There were and still are, many Martins in the parish of Donaghmoyne, near
In the 1823 Tithe index for that parish, there is one May Fox of townland
Rosdrina, and about 50 Martins.
There was a John REIDS in Rahans townland in that index. So all those
surnames were to be found in southern co. Monaghan. I don't have any Tithe
Indexes for other parishes in the county, so can't say if all the names
could be in other areas also.

The difference between REID and REIDS means nothing. Just as TRAYNOR,
TREANOR, TRAINOR, TRAINER could all be spellings used in just one family.

You have a big job ahead of you still.
There will be dozens of James Traynors in every parish in the county. The
Church baptism records do not go back earlier than 1835, but as stated
below, there may be earlier records of marriages.

Here is some info that may be of help;

Richard J.Hayes, Edward Keane; National Library of Ireland.
Typescript lists of surnames of householders and occupiers of land and
buildings in Ireland in the 19th Century; as recorded in the Tithe Applotment
Books or TABs, and in the Griffith Valuation. The Griffith fiche indexes A-IH
and AJM are alphabetical full name indexes to the Griffith Valuation records
only, and do not include entries in the TABs; some are available in the
National Archives].
The next stage of research is to concentrate on the records relating to the

County Published Griffith TABs Notes
------ --------- -------- ---- -----
Monaghan 1966 1858-61 1823-34 (A-IH fiche)

The NLI Indexes do not include Dublin City or Belfast City. There are
alternative directories available in both cases; but these would not include
the same range of occupier names as Griffith. Although the range of dates
extends over the period 1848-64, most Griffith Valuations date to the 1850s;
and they cover roughly 70-80 per cent of the occupiers of property in Ireland.

The published valuation records are available on paper and in microfiche
format. The dates of the Tithe Applotment Books or TABs depend on the
parishes. The range of dates extends over the period 1803-62. However, most
of them date to the 1820s and 1830s.
Gravestone Inscriptions
Aghabog & Killeevan: Clogher Record, Vol. XI, No. 1
Cahans (Presbyterian): Monaghan Ancestral Research Group (see below)
Clontibret (Presbyterian): Monaghan Ancestral Research Group (see below)
Clontibret (C.of I.):Monaghan Ancestral Research Group (see below)
Clontibret: Clogher Record, Vol.VII, No.2 1974
Clones & Roslea: Clogher Record, 1982 4
Clones (St Tighernach s C. of I.) Clogher Record, Vol. XIII, No. 1, 1988
Coolshannagh, Monaghan: Monaghan Ancestral Research Group (see below)
Donagh: Clogher Record, Vol.II, No.1 1957
Drumsnat: Clogher Record, Vol.VI, No.1 1966
Drumswords (Killeevan Parish): Clogher Record,1985
Edergole (Ematris): Monaghan Ancestral Research Group (see below)
Glaslough: Clogher Record, Vol.IX, No.3, 1978
Killanny: Clogher Record, Vol.VI, No.1 1966
Killeevan & Aghabog: Clogher Record,1982
Kilmore: Clogher Record,1983 & 1985
Magheross: Clogher Record, Vol.V, No.1 1963
Mullandoy: Clogher Record, Vol.VI, No.1 1966
Old Errigal: Clogher Record,1987
Rackwallace: Clogher Record, Vol IV, . No.3 1962
Tydavnet: Clogher Record, Vol.I No.1, 1954
Urbleshanny (Tydavnet): Monaghan Ancestral Research Group (see below)
Monaghan Ancestral Research Group, 6 Tully, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan.
PARISHES: Note that my parish lists are kind of mixed up, so there are some
discrepancies. For a more accurate list of R.C., Civil, Presby., parishes,
see Ann Harney's County Monaghan webpage at

Apparently there were 17 R.C. parishes and about 23 or more Civil ones.

Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1986.


1 Aghabog
2 Aghnamullen
3 Ballybay
4 Clones
5 Clontibret
6 Currin
7 Donagh
8 Donaghmoyne
9 Drummully
10 Drumsnat
11 Ematris
12 Errigal Trough
13 Inishkeen
14 Killanny
15 Killeevan
16 Kilmore
17 Magheracloone
18 Magheross
19 Monaghan
20 Muckno
21 Tedavnet
22 Tehallan *
23 Tullycorbet

Baronies (The Parish numbers from the above list indicate which Parishes
are within the respective Baronies.)

Trough 7, 12
Monaghan 21, 22, 23, 19, 16, 10
Dartree 4, 15, 9, 6, 15, 1, 11
Cremorne 2, 3, 5, 20
Farney 8, 13, 14, 17, 18
Monaghan County

This list only contains Roman Catholic parish names in Ireland and is not
considered complete. If your parish is not listed, it may be included in
another parish. Please consult "Index to Townlands, Parishes, Baronies and
Poor Law Unions of Ireland" for more information. The dates given are those
for the earliest known birth records. There may be earlier marriage records
avialable also.

Aghabog 1856
Aughmullen 1841
Cloens 1848
Clontibret 1861
Donagh (Grasslough) 1836
Donaghmoyne 1852
Drumsnat & Kilmore 1836
Drumully (Scotshouse) 1845
Ematris (Rockcorry) 1848
Errigal Trough (Emyvale) 1835
Killevan (Newbliss) 1850
Maghaire Rois 1836
Magheracloone (Carrickmacross) 1836
Monaghan 1835
Muckno (Castleblaney) 1835
Tullycorbet (Ballybay) 1862
Tydavnet 1835

Extracted from SeanRuad's list. (Some alternate spellings included)

Aghaboy Ballyalbany
Aghabog Ballybay
Aghanamullen Ballyhobridge (Clones)
Aghnamullen Broomfield (Castleblaney)
Ballybay Cahans (Ballybay)
Clones Castleblaney
Clontibret Cloens
Currin Clontibret
Donagh Corlea
Donaghmoyle Derryvalley (Ballybay)
Donaghmore Drumkeen (Newbliss)
Donaghmoyne Frankford (Castleblaney)
Donough Glennan (Glasslough)
Drummully Middleton (Glasslough)
Drumsnat Monaghan
Dunaghmoyne Newbliss
Ematris Scotstown
Erriagal Troug Stonebridge (Newblissi)
Errigal Trough
1 Census Returns & Substitutes
2 Local History
3 Local Journals
4 Directories
5 Gravestone Inscriptions
6 Estate Records
7 Placenames

Census Returns & Substitutes

There is a list of abbreviations available, which explains the references
* Medieval Clones families; Clogher Record, 1959
* 1641 Book of Survey and Distribution NL Ms 976
* 1659 Pender's Census . NL Ir 31041 c 4
* 1663/5 Hearth Money Roll, A History of Monaghan , D.C. Rushe.
* 1738 Some Clones Inhabitants. Clogher Record, Vol 2 No. 3 1959
* 1777 Some Protestant Inhabitants of Carrickmacross. Clogher
Record, Vol 6 No 1, 1966
* 1796 Catholic migrants from Ulster to Mayo. See Mayo
* 1796 Spinning Wheel Premium Lists. Microfiche index in National
Archives. Comprising, in the case of Co.Monaghan, over 6,000 names.
* 1821 Thrift Abstracts. See Clogher Record, 1991.
* 1820s 30s Tithe Books
* 1841 Some extracts, Thrift Abstracts, National Archives
* 1843 Magistrates, landed proprietors, etc. , NL Ms 12,767
* 1847 Castleblayney Poor Law Rate Book. Clogher Record Vol 5, No.
1, 1963
* 1851 Some extracts, Thrift Abstracts, National Archives
* 1858/60 Griffiths Valuation. All Ireland Heritage microfiche index.
* 1901 Census
* 1911 Census

Estate Records

There is a list of abbreviations available, which explains the references

Landlord Given

* Anketell estate rentals 1784-89; Clogher Record, Vol XI, no. 3
* Balfour rentals of 1632 & 1636. Clogher Record, 1985
* James Forster, Five Rent Rolls, 1803-08, 1812-24. Covering townlands
in the parishes Aghabog, Killeevan, Tydavnet, Tyholland, Monaghan
Ancestral Research Group
* Kane Rentals 1840-1; Account Books, 1842-4; Arrears, 1848, 1849, 1852;
Rent Receipts, 1851-2. Covering townlands in the parish of Tydavnet.
Monaghan Ancestral Research Group.
* Ker, Landholders, Newbliss, 1790-c.1830. Killeevan civil parish.
Clogher Record, 1985
* Rossmore estate: Maps with tenants names, c.1820-1852 Monaghan town
and surrounding areas. Monaghan Ancestral Research Group
* Weymouth estate, Magheross, Survey, Major tenants only. Monaghan
Ancestral Research Group.
* Wingfield estate: Rentals and arrears, 1852. County and town of
Monaghan. Monaghan Ancestral Research Group.

No Landlord Given

* Ballybay estate rentals 1786; Clogher Record, Vol XI, No. 1
* Castleblayney Rent Book 1772; Clogher Record, Vol X, No. 3
* Emy and Glaslough estates: Rent Roll, 1752-60. Principally major
tenants. Civil parishes of Donagh and Errigal Truagh. Monaghan
Ancestral Research Group.
* Monaghan Manor and Lordship: Rent Roll, 1790. Principally major

Monaghan, Monaghan
County Library, The Diamond, Clones, Monaghan
Monaghan Research Centre, 6 Tully Street, Monaghan Town
Registrar General, North East Health Board, Rooskey
Clogher Record (annual), Mrs. M. O'Neill, Registrar,
Clogher HIstorical Society, 15 Glenview Heights, Monaghan
Patrick Traynor,
TRAYNOR'S Web Page (Irish stuff)

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