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From: Pat Traynor <>
Subject: Traynors in county Monaghan 1858
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 08:21:37 -0700

Index to GRIFFITHS VALUATIONS 1858-60 County Monaghan
Found at;
PARISHES searched:
Aghabog Currin Ematris Kilmore Tedavnet
Aghnamullen Donagh Errigal Trough Magheracloone Tehallan
Ballybay Donaghmoyne Inishkeen Magheross Tullycorbet
Clones Drummully Killanny Monaghan
Clontibret Drumsnat Killeevan Muckno
These 15 parishes are the only parishes having our surnames;
Traynor John Liscumaskey
Traynor John Drumguillew Upper
Traynor John Knappagh
Traynor Owen Knappagh
Traynor Patrick Terrygreeghan
Traynor Thomas Terrygreeghan Contd
Traynor James Derryleedigan
Traynor John Clones Monaghan St
Traynor John Clones Cara St
Treanor Owen Carneys Island
Traynor John Lisglassan
Traynor Mary Avalreagh
Traynor Owen Avalreagh
Treanor Catherine Lemgare
Treanor Catherine Tonagh
Treanor Edward Lemgare
Treanor James Lemgare
Treanor James Tonagh
Treanor Margaret Lemgare
Treanor Patrick, Jr. Lemgare
Treanor Patrick, Sr. Lemgare
Treanor Peter Lemgare
Traynor Anne Drumgarn
Traynor Anne Mullaloughan
Traynor Bernard Drumgarn
Traynor Bernard Edenmore
Traynor Bernard Golan
Traynor Bernard Mullaloughan
Traynor Charles Tonyfinnigan
Traynor Ellen Faulkland
Traynor Francis Billis
Traynor Hugh Streanduff
Traynor James Rarutagh
Traynor James Skinnagin
Traynor Jno Town of Glaslough
Traynor John Ardnasallem
Traynor John Bellanaman
Traynor John Derrilla
Traynor John Derrilla
Traynor John Golan
Traynor John Knockronaghan
Traynor John Mullaloughan
Traynor John Tonyfinnigan
Traynor John Tullyard
Traynor John, Jr. Derrilla
Traynor Mary Annacatty
Traynor Mary Derrilla
Traynor Mary Edenmore
Traynor Michael Derrynashallog
Traynor Michael Golan
Traynor Myles Coolcollid
Traynor Owen Derrilla
Traynor Owen Lisgoagh
Traynor Owen Tonyfinnigan
Traynor Patrick Cloghernagh
Traynor Patrick Cloncaw
Traynor Patrick Drumgarn
Traynor Patrick Faulkland
Traynor Patrick Golan
Traynor Patrick Tonyfinnigan
Traynor Patrick Tonysillogagh
Traynor Patrick Town of Emyvale
Traynor Patrick Tully
Traynor Patrick Tullycallick
Traynor Peter Tonysillogagh
Traynor Philip Portinaughy
Traynor Philip Tiramoan
Traynor William Tonyfinnigan
Treanor John Town of Glaslough
Traynor Catherine Cargaghlisnanarney
Traynor Catherine Corlygorm
Traynor Catherine Corrinshigagh
Traynor Catherine Lisnamoyle (Otra)
Traynor Edward Anny
Traynor Francis Corrinshigagh
Traynor James Killabrick
Traynor James Lisnamoyle (Otra)
Traynor Luke Corrinshigagh
Traynor Patrick Anny
Traynor Patrick Drumdreeny
Traynor Patrick Kilnacranfy
Treanor Edward Mullaghunshinagh
Treanor Patrick Dunanny
Treanor Patrick Dundrockan
Treanor Patrick Rahans
Traynor Alice Clonkeen
Traynor Alice Dernaved
Traynor Alice Derrygorry
Traynor Anne Bragan
Traynor Arthur Davagh Etra
Traynor Arthur Drumturk
Traynor Arthur Dunmadigan
Traynor Bernard Bragan
Traynor Bridget Drumcondra
Traynor Bryan Dernalosset
Traynor Charles Annagh
Traynor Charles Dernalosset
Traynor Charles Derryveagh
Traynor Charles Drumcondra
Traynor Edmund Aghnaha
Traynor Edward Bragan
Traynor Ellen Glen Beg
Traynor Francis Ballynahone
Traynor Francis Davagh Etra
Traynor Francis Dernaved
Traynor Hugh Dearylea More
Traynor Hugh Killeanly
Traynor Hugh Killybreen
Traynor Hugh Knockabeany
Traynor James Aghamackalinn
Traynor James Brackagh
Traynor James Cloghfin
Traynor James Corryarbeg
Traynor James Derryrellan
Traynor James Esker
Traynor James Glen Beg
Traynor James Glen More
Traynor James Killybreen
Traynor James Killybreen
Traynor James Kilnagullan
Traynor James Mullagh Otra
Traynor James Mullaghnahegny
Traynor James Mullanderg
Traynor James Ralaghan
Traynor Jas Killybreen
Traynor John Ballynahone
Traynor John Cloghfin
Traynor John Cloghfin
Traynor John Clonkeen
Traynor John Corryarbeg
Traynor John Dernalosset
Traynor John Dernaved
Traynor John Drumarrell
Traynor John Drumbristan
Traynor John Killybreen
Traynor John Killybrone
Traynor John Killycarran
Traynor John Lenagh
Traynor John Luppan
Traynor John Shanmullagh
Traynor John Tonintlieve
Traynor John Tonintlieve
Traynor John, Jr. Ardginny
Traynor John, Sr. Ardginny
Traynor Lawrence Drumbristan
Traynor Margaret Derrygola
Traynor Margaret Derryrellan
Traynor Margaret Drumarrell
Traynor Mary Aghamackalinn
Traynor Mary Glen More
Traynor Michael Davagh Etra
Traynor Michael Drumbristan
Traynor Michael Raflacony
Traynor Michael Tamlat
Traynor Myles Corryarbeg
Traynor Myles Killybreen
Traynor Owen Cloghfin
Traynor Owen Coolberrin
Traynor Owen Corryarbeg
Traynor Owen Drumbristan
Traynor Owen Drumfurrer
Traynor Owen Killybreen
Traynor Owen Killycarran
Traynor Owen Shanmullagh
Traynor Owen, Jr. Glen More
Traynor Owen, Sr. Glen More
Traynor Patrick Bragan
Traynor Patrick Bragan
Traynor Patrick Corryarbeg
Traynor Patrick Crossnacaldoo
Traynor Patrick Derryrellan
Traynor Patrick Derryveagh
Traynor Patrick Drumbristan
Traynor Patrick Drumfurrer
Traynor Patrick Dundian
Traynor Patrick Glasmullagh
Traynor Patrick Killeanly
Traynor Patrick Killycarran
Traynor Patrick Killyfaragh
Traynor Patrick Kilnagullan
Traynor Patrick Mount Anketell
Traynor Patrick Mullaghnahegny
Traynor Patrick Shanmullagh
Traynor Patrick Tireran
Traynor Patrick, Jr. Killybreen
Traynor Patrick, Sr. Drumbristan
Traynor Patrick, Sr. Killybreen
Traynor Peter Ardginny
Traynor Peter Killycarran
Traynor Philip Killycarran
Traynor Sarah Drumfurrer
Traynor Susan Derryhellan
Traynor Thomas Davagh Etra
Traynor Thomas Davagh Otra
Traynor William Crossnacaldoo
Traynor William Davagh Otra
Traynor Michael Drumever
Treanor Catherine Leeg
Treanor James Coolreagh
Treanor Mary Aghafad
Treanor Michael Shanrah
Traynor Laurence Drumcarrow
Traynor Patrick Drummond
Treanor James Corkeeran
Trainor John Drumgurra
Trainor Patrick Drumgurra
Trainor Philip Drumgurra
Traynor Michael Drummond Otra
Traynor Anne Ardaghy
Traynor Charles Aghnaglogh
Traynor Charles Town of Monaghan
Traynor Edward Annahagh
Traynor Edward Ardaghy
Traynor Edward Knockaconny
Traynor Ellen Town of Monaghan
Traynor Francis Mullaghmonaghan
Traynor John Cornamunady
Traynor John Latlorcan
Traynor John Mullaghcroghery
Traynor Laurence Aghnasedagh
Traynor Laurence Monaghan Annahagh Lane
Traynor Michael Drumhirk
Traynor Michael Monaghan Annahagh Lane
Treanor Edward Tn of Monaghan Dublin St
Treanor James Monaghan Church Square
Treanor James Tn of Monaghan Nailors Ln
Treanor John Tn of Monaghan Dublin St
Traynor Patrick Castleblayney Henry St
Trenor Michael Castleblayney West St
Traynor Bernard Drumdart
Traynor Bernard Killylough
Traynor Bernard Mullaghinshigo
Traynor Catherine Crosses
Traynor Catherine Drumcoo (Brady)
Traynor Edward Drumcoo (Woods)
Traynor Edward Drumcoo (Woods)
Traynor Edward Drumdart
Traynor Edward Drumdart
Traynor Edward Drumdart
Traynor Francis Greagh
Traynor Hugh Drumcoo (Woods)
Traynor James Drumcoo (Brady)
Traynor James Glasdrumman
Traynor James Greagh
Traynor James Knockballyroney
Traynor James Tonyclea
Traynor John Drumcoo (Brady)
Traynor John Gilford
Traynor Mary Drumdart
Traynor Michael Knockballyroney
Traynor Owen Caldavnet
Traynor Owen Clontybunnia
Traynor Owen Doogary
Traynor Owen Drumdart
Traynor Owen Killybough
Traynor Owen Knockcor
Traynor Patrick Aghaboy South
Traynor Patrick Drumbin
Traynor Patrick Drumdart
Traynor Patrick Drumdart
Traynor Patrick Greagh
Traynor Patrick Rafeenan
Traynor Thomas Bough
Traynor Thomas Eshnaglogh
Treanor Charles Allagesh
Treanor James Tirnaskey, South
Treanor John Graffagh
Treanor Judith Allagesh
Treanor Michael Mullaghmore West
Traynor Catherine Kildoagh
Traynor Edward Shelvins
Traynor John Golree
Traynor Patrick Coolmuckbane
Traynor Patrick Shelvins
Traynor Francis Kilnamaddy
Traynor James Corvoy
Traynor James Legacurry
Traynor John Corraviller
Traynor Mary Corvoy
Traynor Owen Corraviller
Traynor Owen Shanmullagh
Traynor Patrick Corraviller
Treanor Daniel Cornanagh
Treanor James Cornanure
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