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Subject: Re: [Tronder] Hasfjord - Nils Rennemo
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 13:58:33 -0600
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Hello Odd Erling,
I find that Anhard (Anton) got his Naturalization Papers in Beltrami County of
This message board below might be of some help to you.

My father was born in Vigna, Norway and emmigrated to the U.S.A. in 1893. He had 2
brothers that also emmigrated at a later date. My grandfather,s name was Kaspar
Benoni Andreassen Hasfjord My father,s name was Anhard, and his brothers were
Kristian and Martin. Would like to exchange any information I might have that will
help you. Please contact me at my e-mail.


Odd Erling Hasfjord wrote:

> My grandfather's brother Anhard Egelund Hasfjord went to USA in 1891, and
> was educated to teolog at the Augsburg university. He was priest in
> Augsburg, Minneapolis and finally in Canada. He died 19. apr. 1957. My
> family had some contact by mail with his 2. wife many years ago. Her adress
> was Konsul Cask. From his 1. marriage with a swedish women, they had 4
> children: Johan, Idda, Elen and Åsmund. From his 2. there where also 4
> children: Olav, Bjørnstjerne, Asbjørn and Annhild.
> An other brother was Kristian Arnold Hasfjord, who was married and went to
> America in 1905, and worked there at a railroad company. They had several
> children.
> Hagbart Hasfjord went to America in 1907, worked as a "timber-man", and came
> back in 1916.
> Martin Leonard Hasfjord went to America in 1912 and died as missed in the
> Canadian Army.

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