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From: Donald E Tryon <>
Subject: Re: Tryon , William, Colonial governor, Family and Ancestors in Eur
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 16:57:28 -0400

Hi Judith, and Welcome to the Lists! <pun intended>--<G>

You wrote:
> I read about the SC Tryon's--he was governor. He and all of his family
He was appointed lt-gov of NC in 1764 and gov in 1765 until 1771.
> went back to England before they died--I have a lot of info on them if
> any one is interested.
Colonial governor (later Lieutenant-General) William Tryon is descended
from Peter Tryon ( -1611) who was purportedly a cousin of our ancestor
William. His successes in North Carolina would seem to have been more
than offset by his failures in New York even from the colonial point of

As a matter of course, I entered into PAF the Pieter, Frauncis and
William descendancies as listed in Ed. 1 of The Tryon Family in America,
1969 by Wes Tryon. Later, I added the Pieter lines sent me by Mark
Triance (from London and a member of the Norfolk branch of the Family)
published in the Ancestor, vol. ii, p.175 et seq--The Huguenot Families
in England, I. The Tryons-- listing the Pieter line, and, Tryon of
Norwich and London--showing the short Francis line (which is in error);
The Marriages of the Skrine's of Warleigh; The History of Chislehurst re
The Tryons of Frognal, descendants of Thomas, the Author. This is
rounded-out with Mark's hand-written lists of English Tryons, most of
whom have not been connected into the family.

As well, I have photocopies of the following Tryon bios, sent me by
Mark, some of which are from The Dictionary of National Biography.
1) Thomas Tryon (1634-1703)--the son of William Tryon, a tiler and
brother of our William of Bibury.
2)a. William Tryon (1725-1788), governor of New York and, erroneously
shown as a descendant of Abraham rather than Mo(y)ses Tryon.
b. Another on William.
3) Sir George Tryon (1832-1893), vice-admiral, third son of Thomas Tryon
(d.1872) of Bulwick Park, Northants.

I have also entered the Triance line as listed by Mark and a partial
descendancy chart of the TRYON- MONTALEMBERT line in France. This last
is rather interesting as a note in French at the head of the Tryon para
says, "Originally a Scottish house, whose lineage goes back to ancient
times. The branch of which we speak moved to France, where it spread
into the Provinces of Perigord, d'Angoumois and Poitou, near the end of
the 13th C." I found a T-M a few months ago listed in the French phone
book. The Auld Alliance??

In addition to the above, and to flesh-out my limited holdings in this
area, I have copies of some correspondence which Mark conducted in
Europe into the Tr(i)(y)oen family in Flanders and Triance family notes.
The Triance family seemed to 'evolve' and appears first about 1625 in
South Creake, Norfolk. Members have migrated to Australia and western
Canada. Mark Triance is a member of the Royal Society of Literature and
the son of a Peer (1939). He lives in Surrey in S. London and is on good
terms with Lady Kanga Tryon and other young Royal's hangers-on (my
words). We have not corresponded since just prior to my last by-pass in
1990. A letter/package I sent last August has not been aanswered.

I shall be happy to share any of the above and welcome contributions to
the library.


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