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From: Dennis J Brevik <>
Subject: Information on Socrates Tryon - PART 2A
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 13:47:23 -0400

PART 2A of the correspondence between me and the Bradshaws regarding
Socrates H Tryon.


Subject: Comments and data
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 21:20:50 -0500
From: Dennis J Brevik <>

Glenda & Larry:
Some data I have for you...............

> I Generation
> Jesse (I) was born 1756 in Glastonbury, CT and died April 24, 1821 in NY,
> buried in Pawlet, VT. He was married to Jemima Goodrich September 26, 1786.
> Jemima's mother, was also Tryon -- Penelope Tryon, daughter of Noah Tryon &
> Penelope Hollister. Noah was the son of David Tryon and Hannah Waddams.
> David was the son of William Tryon, the immigrant ancestor.. We don't know
> who Jesse (I)'s parents were. I think that Jesse moved to VT shortly after
> the Revolutionary War. The kids may not be listed in order of birth:

Yes, the above is correct.

>From Glastonbury deeds: Jesse & Jemima granted 2 parcels (3 acres and 82 acres) to
Noah Goodrich for 50 pounds, on Jan 23, 1787. Jesse & Jemima were
stated to be
of Rutland, VT.

I tentatively assigned Jesse I as son of Joseph Tryon and Sarah Treat,
since it
made some intuitive sense to me, but I have no proof and I have grave
doubts now.
He is still "fatherless".

> 1. Jesse (II)
> 2. Dennis - "Pawlet VT for 100 Years" stated he was the only one who stayed > in the VT area
> 3. David Tryon - "Pawlet VT for 100 Years" stated he removed to Texas
> 4. Jonathan Tryon
> 5. Mary Tryon
> 6. Salley Tryon. m. Samuel Smith - "Pawlet VT for 100 Years" stated they > moved to Burk, NY
> 7. Penelope Tryon
> 8. Nancy Tryon.

>From an analysis of the various Federal census records I concluded that Jesse & Jemima had this family structure:

Jesse1 Tryon (JESSE=JOS483), b. MAR , 1764 Glastonbury, CT, bur.
+Jemima1 Goodrich (JESSE+1), b. NOV 03, 1765 Glastonbury, CT, m. SEP
22,1786 Glastonbury, CT, bur. Pawlett, VT
Jesse2 TRYON (JESSE1), b. circa 1790, d. 1850 OR
David2 Tryon (JESSE2), b. between 1783 and 1784 Pawlet, VT
William2 Tryon (JESSE3), b. OCT 20, 1788, d. FEB 18, 1853 Mina, NY
<son-2>2 Tryon (JESSE4), b. between 1789 and 1800 Pawlet, VT,
d.before 1810 Pawlet, VT
<son-1>2 Tryon (JESSE5), b. between 1793 and 1800 Pawlet, VT
<dau-1>2 Tryon (JESSE6), b. between 1793 and 1800 Pawlet, VT

We agree on David and young Jesse. I also concluded that a certain
William Tryon of Chautauqua county NY was probably the son of Jesse I,
based on his migration pattern through northern NY state into the
westmost county of NY, and that fact that he married a Lydia McKnight on
Sept 16, 1812 - the ONLY McKnights in the early censuses (northern
states) were from Rutland, VT. William was born Oct 20, 1788.
According to census declarations he and his wife were born in New York,
but considering the proximity of Rutland to NY and the fact that at
roughly that time VT and NY were in a boundary battle, it made sense
that William could be a son of Jesse I.

The notation <son-1>, <son-2>, <dau-1> is arbitrary and does not infer
birth order. Since this structure is based on Federal census (every 10
years) it is quite possible that a child was born and died between

> II. Generation
> Jesse (II) born 1790 in VT and died 2/9/1850 @ Lake Oswego, buried Lone Fir
> Cemetery, Portland, OR
> Married Laura Hotchkiss, daughter of Dr. Socrates Hotchkiss and Bethiah
> Lathrop (both families going back to early CT history). They moved to Iowa
> somewhere between 1840 & 1841 (they were in VT 1840 census and their son John
> was born in 1841 in IA). They bought land in Linn Co, IA in about 1842. In
> 1849 Jesse II with his sons Socrates, Dorlan, Jesse (III) and maybe Ephriam
> went went to OR and he died shortly after he arrived there. Laura remained in
> Iowa until in the late 1860s or 1870 when she went to CA and lived with her
> son Dennis, who was twice widowed. She died there 2/4/1874 and is buried in
> the Smith River Cemetery (the very northwest corner of CA).II
> 1. Socrates Hotchkiss
> 2. Johnathan G. b 11/3/1817, d. 1/18/1839 Blossom Cem, VT
> 3. Sally Eliza
> 4. Dennis Tryon
> 5. Ephriam Goodrich - 1/14/1824 in VT; died in CA
> 6. Dorlan Tryon
> 7. Jesse (III)
> 8. Cornelia
> 9. George
> 10. Frances b 1837 VT; died 3/14/1838 Pawlet, VT
> 11. Frances , b 1840,, vt, died apr 1863, IA
> 12. John , b 1841 in IA

Based on census analysis and other data, here's what I've got:

Jesse1 TRYON (JESSE1), b. circa 1790, d. 1850 OR
+Laura1 HOTCHKISS (JESSE1+1), m. circa 1814
Socrates H.2 TRYON (JESSE11), b. JAN 24, 1816 Pawlet Twp, VT
Jonathan G.2 TRYON (JESSE12), b. NOV 03, 1817 Pawlet Twp, VT
Sally E.2 TRYON (JESSE13), b. NOV 01, 1819 Pawlet Twp, VT
Ephraim G.2 TRYON (JESSE14), b. JAN 14, 1824 Pawlet Twp, VT
Jesse2 TRYON (JESSE15), b. OCT 07, 1827 Pawlet Twp, VT
Mary2 Tryon (JESSE1e), b. Pawlet, VT, d. OCT 16, 1844 Pawlet, VT,
bur. Pawlet, VT
<dau-1>2 TRYON (JESSE16), b. between 1809 and 1815 Pawlet, VT
<son-2>2 TRYON (JESSE17), b. between 1819 and 1820 Pawlet, VT
<son-3>2 TRYON (JESSE18), b. between 1824 and 1830 Pawlet, VT
<son-4>2 TRYON (JESSE19), b. between 1830 and 1835 Pawlet, VT
<dau-2>2 TRYON (JESSE1a), b. between 1830 and 1835 Pawlet, VT
Cornelia2 TRYON (JESSE1b), b. circa MAR , 1830 Pawlet, VT, d. JUN
21, 1831 Pawlet, VT, bur. Pawlet, VT
<dau-3>2 TRYON (JESSE1c), b. between 1834 and 1840 Pawlet, VT
Frances2 TRYON (JESSE1d), b. circa MAR , 1837 Pawlet, VT, d. MAR 26,
1838 Pawlet, VT, bur. Pawlet, VT

> III Generation
> Socrates Hotchkiss was born 1/24/1816 in Pawlet, VT and died in 5/15/1855 is
> Oswego, OR and is buried in the same cemeteray as his father. He married
> Frances Safley, daughter of John Safley and Agnes Hunter. She was born in
> Scotland but her parents lived in IL, I think. He was a medical doctor, was
> the first physician in Linn Co, IA, arriving there in abt 1838. They had 8
> children, only the last 2 survived to adulthood. He went back east, leaving
> Frances in Iowa, sailed down around the tip of South American and lived in
> Hiwaii for a year because of illness and came back to Iowa about in 1844. He
> was delegate to the constitutional convention when the Iowa Constitution was
> adopted in 1846. He went west. This distant relative in OR sent us copies of
> letters he wrote to his wife during the time he was in Hawaii and again when
> the men left for the west. She also sent an article written from what his son
> said . We'll try to send thse another time.
> 1. Socarates Jr. - born in1846 in Iowa, buried in Portland, OR
> 2. Salley Isabelle Tryon - also buried in OR

I also have the 1840 Linn co, IA, Federal census:
S H Tryon M 1840 IA Linn No Twp Listed M704-
324 0001111 10011

Expanding (in my own style):
Sex Tentative Name Earliest
Known Latest
F <dau-1> (of Socrates?)
1834 1840
F <dau-2> (of JESSE1?)
1819 1825
F <wife> (of Socrates?)
1809 1820
M <son-1>(of JESSE1?)
1819 1825
M Tryon, Socrates H JESSE11 1809
1816 1820
M <son-2> (of JESSE1?)
1799 1810
M Tryon, Jesse JESSE1 1789
1790 1800

The earliest and latest possible birthyears are computed from the
statistics taken in the census.
They are subject to a +- 1 year error, assuming the census taker
recorded accurately.

I have that in the 1850 Federal census in the town of Trumbell,
Fairfield Co,
Connecticut, there was a Frances Tryon, age 33 yrs, (birthplace not
recorded) and
her son Sockreties, age 2 years (birthplace not recorded). (Pg. 327,
Dwelling 129,
Family 138) They were staying with the TAITE family. Enumeration date
6 Sept 1850. Ring any bells??

I have snipped the remainder since all of it is new to me and I
nothing to contribute.
> This is a rough overview of the family as we have put it down. I'm not sure
> that I want you to post it quite yet...don't know how many errors there may be
> in it. What is the address of the Tryon Union web site?

Between us I think we can clean it up. The purpose of the Tryon Union
is to post the latest
genealogical information, even speculations. As time goes by I add
citations where we find proof.
> Our assumption is that you are a Tryon descendent. Is that correct?

My wife is. She is g2-granddaughter of Laura Ann Tryon of GlASTONBURY,
whose parents are still unknown, even after all this work!

******* CONTINUED ON PART 2B **************************

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