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From: "John Smallwood" <>
Subject: [TURNER] Turner Family of Jasper Co., MS
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 17:00:51 -0500

I am interested in the Turner family for which Turnersville in Jasper Co., MS was named. The family appears to have originated in Georgia and removed to Alabama ante 1827. Prior to Georgia the family may have been in Maryland.

One member, Martin Lee Turner (b. 1801, GA) married in Wilcox Co., AL in 1827 and was enumerated there in 1830 and 1840. His probable brother, Miles G. (probably Green) Turner (b. 1805, GA) may have been the man of the same name who married Nancy Turner in Lowndes Co., AL in 1839. Another probable brother, Stephen E. Turner (b. 1810, GA), was in Autauga Co., AL in 1837 and enumerated in Sumter Co., AL in 1840. He later settled in Jasper Co., MS near Miles G. and Martin L. Turner.

It is believed that these three men were brothers and sons of Sarah Turner, a widow, who first appears of record in Lauderdale Co., MS in 1843 when she was taxed on five slaves. Also, appearing on the tax rolls of Lauderdale County were Martin Lee and Miles G. Turner. Per the biography of Martin Lee Turner's son, Martin Green Turner, the family first settled in Kemper Co., MS in 1841 and then removed to Lauderdale Co., MS in 1842.

Sarah, Martin and Miles Turner remained in Lauderdale County until 1845. Sarah Turner appears to have removed to Jasper Co., MS about that time. Martin and Miles remained in Lauderdale County until 1850 for Miles and 1854 for Martin. In 1850, Sarah Turner was enumerated with Seaborn Turner (b 1825, GA). Also enumerated in the county were Miles Turner, Abner Turner and Stephen E. Turner. All of these men when born in Georgia. Additionally, when these men and Sarah Turner purchased land from the federal government in the 1850s all was located in the same township, range and adjoining sections. Only Martin's land did not border that of the others, being a few miles to the northeast.

Sarah Turner lived until 1860 and probably died in Jasper County after that year. Since early records of Jasper County aren't extant any estate records for her have been lost. The only primary evidence that she was the mother of Miles G. Turner and indirectly the mother of Martin Lee Turner is the 1880 census in which Miles G. Turner reported that his mother was born in Virginia. Additionally, it was stated that his father was born in Maryland. It is known that the Turner family in Monroe Co., GA also origininated in Maryland. Was there a connection?

If anyone has any information regarding this family, I should like very much to know of it. It is believed that the progenitor may have been named either John or Samuel. John is more likely of the two. However, neither name has been proven to be that of the father of Martin, Miles and the other Turners of Turnersville, Jasper Co., MS.

Below, is a probable family grouping:

1. John or Samuel Turner was born about 1775 in MD. He died before 1843

He was married to Sarah before 1800. Sarah was born about 1781 in VA. She died after 1860 in Jasper Co., MS.

Issue, probable:

+2 i. Martin Lee Turner (born in 1801).

+3 ii. Miles Green Turner (born in 1805).

+4 iii. Stephen E. Turner (born in 1810).

+5 iv. Samuel S. Turner MD (born in 1821). (may not have been a son)

6 v. Seaborn J. Turner was born in 1825 in GA.

+7 vi. Abner Turner (born about 1826).

2. Martin Lee Turner (John-1) was born in 1801 in GA. He died in 1869 in poss. Anderson Co., TX.

He was married to Harriet Haddox (daughter of Robert Haddox) on 6 December 1827 in Wilcox Co., AL. Harriet Haddox was born in 1810 in Edgefield Co., SC. She died in 1868 in poss. Anderson Co., TX.


+8 i. John Lee Turner (born in 1830).

9 ii. George Turner was born in 1832 in Wilcox Co., AL.

10 iii. Sarah J. Turner was born in 1834 in Wilcox Co., AL.

+11 iv. Samuel O. Turner (born in 1836).

+12 v. Martin Green Turner (born on 1 November 1838).

13 vi. William H. Turner was born in 1840 in Wilcox Co., AL. He died on 15 December 1862 in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Co., VA.

14 vii. Allen H. Turner was born in 1842 in Wilcox Co., AL. He died on 21 October 1861 in Orange Court House, Orange Co., VA. He was buried in Antioch Cem., Jasper Co., MS.

15 viii. Mary A. Turner was born in 1843 in Lauderdale Co., MS.

16 ix. Amanda C. Turner was born in 1845 in Lauderdale Co., MS.

+17 x. Nancy Elizabeth Turner (born in 1847).

18 xi. Willis F. Turner was born in 1850 in Lauderdale Co., MS.

+19 xii. F. Jeff Turner (born in 1852).

3. Miles Green Turner (John-1) was born in 1805 in GA. He died after 1880 in possibly Grant Par., LA.

He was married to Catherine between 1845 and 1850. Catherine was born in 1815 in SC. She died after 1880 in possibly Grant Par., LA.

4. Stephen E. Turner (John-1) was born in 1810 in GA.

He was married to Martha A. Jowers about 1835 in AL. Martha A. Jowers was born in 1820 in SC. She died after 1880 in probably Winn Par., LA.


+20 i. Sarah E. Turner (born in 1837).

+21 ii. Selita Ware Turner (born in 1840).

+22 iii. Mary Jane Turner (born in 1840).

+23 iv. Guilford Boswell Turner (born in 1843).

24 v. Seaborn J. Turner was born in 1844 in MS.

+25 vi. Louisa Marie Turner (born in 1846).

+26 vii. Martha Ann Turner (born in 1848).

27 viii. William C. Turner was born in 1852 in Jasper Co., GA.

5. Samuel S. Turner MD (John-1) was born in 1821 in GA. He died after 1880 in probably Clarke Co., MS.

He was married to Mary A. about 1842. Mary A. was born in 1825 in GA.


28 i. Flavius G. Turner was born in 1843 in GA.

29 ii. Tabitha F. Turner was born in 1845 in GA.

30 iii. Mary A. Turner was born in 1848 in Kemper Co., MS.

31 iv. Samuel C. Turner was born in 1853.

32 v. Emma Turner was born in 1856.

33 vi. Sophie H. Turner was born in 1858.

34 vii. Henry F. Turner was born in 1863.

35 viii. Levice S. Turner was born in 1866.

7. Abner Turner (John-1) was born about 1826 in GA.

He was married to Eleanor in 1849/50 in Jasper Co., MS. Eleanor was born about 1832 in MS. (This is not the Abner A. Turner and Margaret E. Scruggs who married in Washington Co., AL in 1844 as has been claimed. Per the 1850 census Abner and Eleanor were married within the census year).


John Smallwood

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