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From: "Gail R. Blancett" <>
Subject: [TURNER] Turner DNA Project website updated 8-30-2009
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 13:48:25 -0400

The website for our public webpage for the Turner DNA Project was
updated. Remember, these are listed by earliest known ancestor and not
by the name of person testing. To view go to:


Click on the word "Results" on the left of the screen.

New Kits added:

#140768 -- James Hamilton Turner b c 1831 Garrard Co. KY married Mary
Gooch 1858 in Jackson Co. KY (formed 1858 from Garrard). Both died
about 1873 probably in Madison Co. KY. He matches our Group 3.
Originally, he was thought by the researcher on this line to be son of
William and Rolinda Hurt Turner of Garrard Co., this appears to be in
error. William and Rolinda Hurt Turner's son James H. Turner was
married to Martha Ray and moved to Iowa and then lived in 1870 in KS
where he was shot in 1875. The two James H. Turners with different
wives can be found in two different locations in 1870 census with
different children. Now we are back to the drawing board for trying to
find James Hamilton Turner's correct parents.

Kit #151765 -- probably to a Turner living in the Atlanta general area.

Kit #134817 -- to Joseph Alson Turner b ca 1815-1817 SC married Sarah
Tucker in 1832 in Laurens Co. GA and moved to Irwin Co. GA by 1840. He
matches #62717 another line of Turners that were in Laurens Co. GA in
the 1810-1830 time period. I have formed new Group 36 (called Pale
Gold) on the results chart near the very top with these two kits.

I think there is a strong chance these Turners have a common ancestor in
a Joseph Turner on the 1790 Census of Cheraw District, SC (listed as
Tumer but all land records there are clearly for Joseph Turner) next to
a Joseph "Clemens." The Joseph Alson Turner family was heavily
associated with the Clements family both in Laurens Co. GA as well as in
Irwin Co. GA. When the older Joseph Turner in SC sold land in
Darlington Co. SC he was living in Kershaw Co. SC before 1810 and
Ephraim Turner of Darlington Co. SC witnessed the deed. Living next to
Joseph Turner in 1810 in Kershaw Co. SC was a John Turner who fits the
profile of John Turner who is the oldest probable ancestor for Kit
#62717. Ephraim Turner then moves to Laurens Co. GA by 1820. John
Turner was administrator of the estate of a Stephen Turner in 1819 in
Laurens Co. GA and Ephraim Turner witnessed one of the transactions.
So, there is a definite association of these families both in SC and in
the right area in GA. Joseph Alson Turner could also be a son of the
Stephen Turner who died about 1819 there in Laurens Co. area rather than
Ephraim Turner so this lineage is still a bit uncertain. I feel sure it
is in that "group" however in some way.

New Kit #150987 -- John Turner died 1806 in Barnwell Co. SC. Waiting
for the middle panel of markers on this one. We are hoping to figure
out the mutations on these kits in this Group 35.

New Kit #155334 -- John Turner b c 1805 TN d 1870 Cocke Co. TN through
son James Howard (or Howell) Turner b 1828 in TN. James was married
twice and this one is from the second marriage. This is in our Group 27
(Mustard color). Markers to 37 are still to come.

New Kit #156147 -- This is another one of a line we had already
documented. No surprise on this one. I have updated the oldest known
ancestor on this lineage as I believe the paper trail is conclusive now
back to William Turner who made his will dated 5/30/1770 in Bertie Co.
NC. There are some family trees out on the internet that say his son
Simon Turner was the one who died in 1800 in Bertie. However, deed
records prove conclusively that the son of William Turner (d c 1770 in
Bertie Co. NC) named Simon went to Wake Co. NC where he died in 1783.

This William (d. c 1770 in Bertie Co. NC) was from Isle of Wight Co.
when he bought land before 1740 in Bertie. His wife was named
Patience. However, her maiden name is not believed to be Everitt as
some people have listed it.

New Kit #155521 -- to Ellis/Elias Turner born 1752 died 1832 in Page Co.
VA. He was a revolutionary war soldier who had lived in Rockingham Co.,
Shenandoah Co. and then in Page county after its formation from
Shenandoah Co. This is through his second wife Susannah Nancy Smith
whom he married in 1801. It confirms and matches Group 3.

New Kit #155236 -- this is another descendant of George Turner b c
1815-1817 in ?UK who was in the San Francisco, CA area about 1850. We
have run into a glitch on this one as it didn't match the other
descendant of same George Turner. We now have a third kit coming back
to the lab to see what happens.

There are quite a number of the kits with additional markers as a result
of the offer earlier for reduced rates on upgrades to 37 markers.
Nothing really that changes anything but always does suggest which lines
the groups are potentially more closely related.

One interesting development. I was contacted by someone who had tested
with another testing company and as happens EVERY TIME, that company
gives them absolutely no help and their data base is so small that they
have virtually no one to compare there results with on Turners. So,
they come to me for help. Well as much as I have to work not to
resent having to do that, I figure it will help our project so it is
worth it in the long run.

The person testing matches closely our Group 8 (one of the medium green
groups) who are definitely rooted in N. Ireland and ultimately probably
in Scotland to know they have a common ancestor at some point. The
match is something like 27 of the 30 markers that are tested commonly by
the two labs after conversions are made to the results of the other
testing lab to make them comparable.

Now what is interesting and will be to researchers of Group 10 (the big
James/Mary Admire bunch; John>Shadrack and John>Meshack folks). Those
of you who work on that group probably know that back in the 1990s on
the website hosted by Nyla Creed Paulk, there were people who were
working on that huge bunch and they included in that group a Francis
Turner born about 1740, revolutionary soldier supposedly from Albemarle
Co. VA, who was married to an Elizabeth (some list his wife as
Elizabeth Gilley). Francis Turner died about 1803 in Patrick Co. VA.
One of his children was Adam Turner born 1765 died 1833 who married Mary

Although some of the earlier researchers had claimed that Francis Turner
was from Ireland, and DISCLAIMED any relationship to the
Shadrack/Meshack group or the James and Mary Admire group, the folks on
Nyla's website decided that he must belong as a son of James and Mary
Admire Turner.

Of course we also now have everyone on the James, John>Shadrack
John>Meshack folks listing them from England.

Adam and Mary Pilson Turner's son Adam Jr. (born 1803) was still living
in 1880 and he listed his father's place of birth as IRELAND.

The man who tested with the "other company" does not match our Group 10
(Haplogroup R1a1) group at all. He is in Haplogroup R1b and his line is
to Richard "Diack" Turner born 1807 named in the Bible of Adam Turner
(1762-1833). Richard "Diack" Turner (1807-1867) was married twice--1st
to Celia George in 1832 in Patrick Co. VA and 2nd to Lucinda Boyd in
1842 in Franklin Co. VA. I have done a lot of reseach now on this group
documenting children, marriages, census, etc.

We are trying to locate another male Turner coming off of another son of
Adam Turner Sr. from this group to test through FTDNA to have a sure way
to compare the results and to confirm the DNA. I CAN NOT put results
from the other lab on our chart as we do not know how reliable their
testing is and because of different conventions employed by their lab.

If we can confirm that Y-DNA of the person who tested with the other lab
and it also does not match our Group 10, this could totally change all
those early family trees that have included Francis Turner (1740-1803)
in the group of James/Mary Admire Turner or the John>Shadrack and
John>Meshack Turner groups.

Please encourage folks you research with to find a male Turner from
their group to test. Things have been pretty slow on new
members--perhaps the economy is to blame. We have a bunch of kits out
(more than usual) that haven't been returned. Some of them could be
very helpful if they will ever send them back in.

We still very much need people who have really documented their lines to
well known early families (particularly in the mid-Atlantic region where
so many lines of Turners first arrived in the early colonies) who would
join us. Even if you feel you already know your line, consider how your
information and documenting your line could be a help to the field of
genealogy on the Turner surname. Think a bit globally and
philanthropically (ha!) and how it will help others whose lines aren't
as fortunate in knowing their family heritage.

Gail R. Blancett, Administrator, Turner DNA Project, FTDNA

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