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Subject: [TUTTLE] Re: [GM-L] Remick's Clothing Store Quincy, MA
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 23:54:50 EDT

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> Can anyone provide a history/story about the Remick Store of Quincy, MA? I
> am told it was opened by a man named Frank Remick.
> I have an ancestor by this name and was wondering if they could be one and
> the same.
> Thanks to All!
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Hi there:

Remick's Clothing Store, located on Hancock Street, was the finest clothing
store in Quincy, MA for a long period of time. The rear entrance to the store
was from the Parkingway. This vehicle parking lot was probably the idea of City
Councilor, Edna B. Austin. She was a friend and roll model for me when I was
a very young man. She was an attorney and a truly wonderful woman. The Mayor
at that time was Amelio Della Chiesa and he played a major role in developing
downtown Quincy, MA.

I started shopping there at a very early age, because they had a Cub Scout
and Boy Scout Department. It was a little odd that such a nice store had the
scout products, but it may have been that Frank Remick had a fondness for
supporting the scouting movement.

There was no store before or since that sold mens clothing like the items
that could be found at Remicks in Quincy, MA.

I have a special treat for you, if you are not aware of the following fact.

Actress Lee Remick was Frank Remick's daughter. She was a beautiful and
elegant woman. She both stunning and sophisticated at the same time. I don't recall
the names of her movies, but they probably were love stories.

I don't remember what happened to her, but my recollection is that she died
quite a long time back. Perhaps some list reader can add to my recollection and
help us out with more information about the Remicks of Quincy, MA.

The first major shopping mall in the area opened in nearby Braintree with
huge amounts of parking. Ultimately, this was the downfall of the downtown Quincy
shopping area. The new South Shore Plaza was reachable by Route 3 and Route
128, so it drew customers away from traditional downtown stores. Most of the
stores in downtown Quincy failed or closed due to the decline in business as
parking was insufficient to compete with the new shopping mall. If Remicks had
moved to the South Shore Plaza at an early date, then it would probably still be
in business today. For example, Miltons Clothing Store made the move early on
and it still operates today.

Remicks Store was near the Capital Theater. I recall this because my
grandfather used to take me each week to watch vaudeville in that theater. That would
have been about 55 years ago. I hope this helps fill in a few gaps. Email with
additional information that you acquire from others. Bye.

Family names being researched: TUTTLE, PINGREE, WEATHERBEE, STETSON,

William R. Tuttle, Esq.

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