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Subject: Re: [TX-COLLINCOGS] Genealogy Local History Texana Archives... GLHTA
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 17:53:01 -0600 (GMT-06:00)

Hello Everyone!

The collection is wonderful! Even if you only have one hour to use just the books it is well worth it.

Now a word about one of the new greatest tools we now have available in the library. From the library only you can access for free one of the hottest new genealogy databases. It is call Footnote and is touted as The World's Archives. Currently they have 27,124,785 Million Documents and they are all Free to search. Yes I said "FREE". All of their indexes are open and free to search and you will find names of people, places and topics. For each search you conduct it will return a list of documents and a small image of the document with your search term highlighted.

Many of their documents have never seen before on the Web. How do they make this possible? They have a unique partnership with The National Archives. It gives people that do not have the ability to travel to access all original documents.

Footnote has the "Full" version of the Revolutionary War pensions of both soldiers and widows whereas Heritage Quest has the annotated version. One lady I assisted recently found 63 pages on her soldier. Seems there were disputes over the next of kin and who was due the pension.

The website below will tell you more about Footnote than I can post here.


You can access the databases at home as well for a fee. You can also sign up for a week free trial.

I encourage each of you to check it out.

Happy Genealogy Hunting!


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>From: Robert Stamps <>
>Sent: Feb 21, 2008 3:58 PM
>Subject: Re: [TX-COLLINCOGS] Genealogy Local History Texana Archives... GLHTA
>I went over to the library last Tuesday morning about
>10:30. I was the only person there for about 45
>minutes. Finally, another lady came, and then
>another. By the time I left about 12:30, there might
>have been 5 researchers. We really use to utilize the
>collection in order to at least keep our hours and
>hopefully extend them. I think there must be a lot
>of people who don't even know about it.
>Cindy Stamps
>--- F Faitt <> wrote:
>> Hi CCGS Listers,
>> I missed the opening of the Genealogy Local History
>> Texana Archives
>> (GLHTA) collection at its new location at Haggard in
>> January due to
>> that nasty little bronchitis bug that's going
>> around. But!
>> finalllllly made over to Haggard last night.
>> The basement at Haggard has been fully renovated and
>> the collection
>> is in a much larger, more appropriate space, open to
>> the public and
>> fully operational! The library staff has done an
>> incredible job at
>> planning the layout and adding to and improving the
>> equipment
>> (computers, copiers, microfilm viewers and such) and
>> furnishings.
>> There are also many, many more titles added to the
>> shelves and more
>> coming. I know that the CCGS Book Committee headed
>> by Gwen Neumann
>> has just delivered over $2100.00 in additional plat
>> books purchased
>> from Arphax.
>> I've long been proud of the Genealogy Collection at
>> Harrington
>> knowing that CCGS has worked very hard at building
>> the framework for
>> a very solid collection. And I truly miss it being
>> 5 minutes from my
>> house and and saddened that it has been moved "all
>> the way" to the
>> "other" side of town, but David Hardin and his staff
>> have taken the
>> collection to a whole new level. I cannot give them
>> enough praise
>> for all their hard work and dedication, bringing our
>> genealogy
>> department from a good collection to a noteworthy
>> collection and see
>> the promise of it becoming a truly premier
>> genealogical, historical
>> reference department serving North Texas and beyond
>> in the near future.
>> I know that the shorter hours have a been a problem
>> for some of us.
>> But give them time. The hours will be increased to
>> full library
>> hours. One of the things that we can do is to USE
>> the collection.
>> More patronage will convey the message that more
>> staff and hours are
>> necessary. Let me say that again. MORE PATRONAGE!!
>> is the key to
>> getting extended hours.
>> I absolutely can not wait to get back over there on
>> a Saturday
>> morning and spend the day researching!! I hope you
>> will join me.
>> Please, please, please carve a little time from your
>> hectic schedules
>> and visit the new site and while there, let the
>> staff know what a
>> really good job they have done and how much we
>> appreciate their efforts.
>> Location: W.O. Haggard Library 2501 Coit Road, Plano
>> TX 75075
>> Phone: 972-769-4240
>> Currently the hours are:
>> Monday 1- 5 pm
>> Tuesday 10am - 5pm
>> Wednesday 10am - 7pm
>> Thursday 10am - 7pm
>> Friday 1- 5 pm
>> Saturday 10am - 5pm
>> Sunday regretfully Closed
>> Fran Faitt
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