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From: Paula Perkins <>
Subject: [TX-COLLINCOGS] CCGS Program January 13, 2010
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 01:05:12 -0600

We look forward to seeing everyone at the program!

CCGS: “Genealogy and Photos - The Past Brought to Life” Lecture by Dan

When: Wed, January 13, 7pm – 9pm

Where: Haggard Library, 2501 Haggard Library, Plano TX


Dan Spigel wrote the story/screenplay and directed the 2000 film,
House of the Generals, an epic independent movie filmed in the Dallas
area which brought to life the harrowing story of a Ukrainian family’s
attempts to escape war torn Russia during World War II. The story is
based on Spigel’s family and their struggles, a family he only knew
through the stories told to him by his mother, a Holocaust survivor.
Reviews for some of Mr. Spigel’s successful coast-to-coast tours: We
at the Dallas Family JCC would like to thank you for the informative
and enjoyable talk on July 7th. Your lecture inspired standing room
audience to write down precious family memories. The audience felt if
you can do it, they could do it. You inspired the groups' creativity
and to keep their stories alive for future generations.....Anna Gorin
With today's issues, Mr. Spigel's timeless film has never been more
important. Mr. Spigel's lecture before my study group received an
excellent response. His questions and answers completed a well rounded
talk. I wish continuing success to this man who remembers his family's
past with this remarkable film....Rabbi Zeilicovitch The best talk our
AARP group every had ....John Heckelthorne Excellent presentation and
wonderful movie. Helped those who grieve for their lost loved ones. We
really appreciate the work you are doing. It has helped us with the
grieving process...Tremendously...Ben & Evelyn Alpuer

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