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From: Kathleen Burnett <>
Subject: [TX-VETERANS] From List Mom - Informative site - and other items.
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 09:25:42 -0600

Dear List Members,

I was sent this site by a fellow researcher "Index to the Guion Miller
http://www.accessgenealogy.com/native/guionmiller/index.htm I found it
very interesting - and thought I would pass it on to you.

Now for the other items.

This message is being sent out to all of my list, some which only have 3
members and some with almost 1000. If you are one of my smaller lists
and feel that you only hear from me, why don't you take this opportunity
to send a query to the list.

If you need help from me, please put something in the subject line to
alert me that the message is a request for help. When I am at work
during the day I use http://www.mail2web.com from my office computer to
keep an eye on my lists. I can only read the subject line from there
and unless I open each and every message which most times are in the
hundreds by 10 am in the morning. This is two time consuming while at
work. So, to repeat, if you need my help, please place something in the
subject line so that I will know your request needs attention quickly.

One more item, It is time or about time when most children are heading
back to school and many Moms and or Dads who are staying home now have
additional time to work on their genealogy. If we begin to get messages
across the lists that do not conform to the guidelines we have for our
list, please just let them pass. Remember I am behind the scenes taking
care of these problems, helping members subscribe and unsubscribe and
reminding members of the guidelines of the list. The only time I send
out corrections to the entire list is when the entire list is involved
or when one of our members is being attached on the list - I then come
to the defense in the same place the attack took place -- On the list.

Enjoy the site - Thank you for your continued support.

Kathleen Burnett
List Mom

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