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From: (edward wright)
Subject: Re: [TXCOLLIN CO.] Where is Coffman, Texas??
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 01:18:20 -0500 (CDT)
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James, Now we researchers have some meat to sink our teeth into. Thank
The community of Coffman was located on the West side of State Highway
75 and North of McKinney, TX and South of Anna, TX in Collin Co., TX.
The Community of Coffman was named for John COFFMAN and his pioneer
family who moved to Collin Co., TX in the early 1840s. John was born in
!804 and died in 1880. He was the 3rd person buried in the Coffman
The Community of Coffman was in Precinct # 5 of Collin Co. in the 1870s,
1880s and 1890s. There are many FARIES buried, but only in the Pecan
Grove Memorial Park Cemetery in McKinney, TX. None are recorded as Moses
FARIES. And there are also numerous SCOTTs buried in the Pecan Grove
Cemetery and in quite a few other Collin Co., TX cemeteries. I could not
find a William Wallace SCOTT in Pecan Grove, but there is a William D.
and a W. M. SCOTT. There are no FARIES buried in the Coffman Cemetery or
anyplace else in Collin Co., except in Pecan Grove Cemetery in McKinney.
At this moment, it appears quite likely that your Sarelda Jane SCOTT was
residing in or near the Community of Coffman, Collin Co., TX with her
step-father, mother and family and met Moses FARIES and they married and
resided in or near Coffman, Collin Co., TX until after the birth of
their first son, Dave W. FARIES. Then, they moved to Alvarado, Johnson
Co., TX, which is South of Ft. Worth.
Only tax or land records may provide clearer answers or the illusive
marriage record. I do not believe that your Dave W. FARIES was born in
the city of Kaufman, Kaufman Co., TX, which is Southeast of Dallas, TX
and about a 45 minutes drive today! I will investigate further, but
after others read this reply; I'm certain there will be additional
opinions. Ted in Dallas

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Subject: Re: [TXCOLLIN CO.] Where is Coffman, Texas??
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 21:45:08 -0500
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Hi Collin's lists,

I am overwhelm with so much help here from so many nice people here. I agree
with you here. Very nice people on this Collin's lists. Thank to you all for
offering your opinion about Coffman, Texas.

I am very confuse right now. I don't know which county to search on..either
at Kaufman County or in Collin County. Let me tell you about my ancestor. I
do know little.

The reason I ask about Coffman, Texas is because that what it said on Dave
W. Faries's funeral home record..his birthplace, born September 21, 1887.

Dave W. Faries's parents are Moses Faries and Sarelda Jane Scott. I don't
know Moses's birthdate or birthplace. Sarelda Jane Scott was born March 28,
1871 in McKinney, Collin County, Texas. She is the daughter of William
Wallace Scott and Barbara Ellen Wilks.

Here is 1870 Collin County, TX census that was given to me by volunteer on
this list. Bless her heart for this.

1870 Collin County, Texas Census, Precinct 1, McKinney Post Office, Page 84,
William Scott, 35, male, white, farmer, $450/$350, MO, can't write
Ellen Scott, 28, female, white, keeping house, IN, can't write
David Scott, 12, male, white, farm laborer, TX, can't write
Mary Scott, 10, female, white, at school, TX
William Scott, 8, male, white, TX
Martha Scott, 6, female, white, TX
Delila Scott, 4, female, white, TX
Jane Scott, March 3/12, female, white, TX
James McGlenen?, 48, male, white, school teacher, MD, parents foreign born

See Jane Scott, March 3/12, female. She is Sarelda Jane Scott, my
great-great grandmother.

Here is 1880 Collin County, TX census that was given to me by volunteer on
this list. Bless her heart on this also.

1880 Texas Collin County Census, Precinct 5:
Henry Bracken, 30, Texas, Kentucky, Kentucky, Farmer
B. E. Bracken, wife, 39, Indiana, Indiana, Kentucky
Mary E. Scott, step-daughter, 14, Texas, Indiana, Indiana
S. Scott, step-daughter, 9, Texas, Indiana, Indiana
Aaron Scott, step-son, 5, Texas, Indiana, Indiana
A. Scott, step-daughter, 3, Texas, Indiana, Indiana
Wallace Scott, step-son, 17, Texas

William Wallace Scott had died maybe abt. 1879. Don't know where he is
buried at or if he have tombstone. His wife, Barbara Ellen Wilks Scott had
remarried again to Henry Bracken/Brackin in May 18, 1880 in Collin County,
TX. I do have copy of that marriage license. Again, notice S. Scott,
step-daughter, age 9. She is Sarelda Jane Scott.

Marriage Record in Collin County, Texas: Book III, 1876 to 1888, Volume 4,
Page 575:
H. I. Brackin married Mrs. B. E. Scott, 18 May 1880 by John M. McKinney.

Now back to Sarelda Jane Scott and Moses Faries. I don't know where they got
married at and do not have their marriage date. I figure maybe abt. 1886.
Their 1st born child is Dave W. Faries, born Sept. 21, 1887 in Coffman,
Texas. Their 2nd born child, Joseph Faries was born Feb. 1889 in Alvarado,
Johnson County, Texas. Then Moses Faries died, abt. 1889. The 2nd son,
Joseph, was a baby, crawling, when Moses Faries died.

There was a mad dog on the loose in town, so Moses and John Charles Wheeler
saddled their horses, grabbed their rifles and went looking for him. They
found the poor crazed animal, which came barking at the horses, causing them
to be excited. The horse Moses was riding bolted and his cocked rifle fired,
not at the dog, but at his body. He was killed instantly. It left Sarelda
Jane Scott Faries widow with 2 children. She married John Charles Wheeler
abt. 1890. John Charles Wheeler was in Hill County, TX in 1870 and 1880
Hillsboro, Hill County, TX Census.

Anyway, Sarelda Jane Scott Faries Wheeler and her husband, John Charles
Wheeler, had their 1st born child born in Itasca, Hill County, Texas in
June 16, 1891. Later, they moved on to Indian Territory, which is now
Oklahoma before 1900.

The reason I want to track down on whereabout on Coffman, Texas, is because
I am trying to find the marriage records of Sarelda Jane Scott and Moses
Faries and also Sarelda Jane Scott Faries to John Charles Wheeler. Plus try
to track down on Sarelda Janes Scott's father..William Wallace Scott. He
must have died in Collin County, Texas, for that is where his wife, Barbara
Ellen Wilks Scott remarried again to Henry Brackin in 1880 at Collin County,
TX. That is far as I could go. I don't know who is his parents. Anyway,
Barbara E. Wilks Scott Brackin come to Oklahoma with her daughter, Sarelda
Jane Scott Faries Wheeler. She was a widow in 1900 census, so her husband,
Henry Brackin died before 1900, most likely in Texas. I do know that Henry
Brackin/Bracken is a preacher.

Forgive me for this long letter. If you read this far, thank you for reading
this. I am sorry I didn't explain enough of what I know. I hope this will
help on some mystery on Coffman, Texas. Could it be at Collin County,

Again, thank you ALL for taking interest in my story. Any information is
very much appreciated. God bless you..

James Young

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Subject: Re: [TXCOLLIN CO.] Where is Coffman, Texas??

> I've been very pleased to see how many nice people on TXCOLL-N-L have
> offered their opinion to James on the location of "Coffman, TX." The
> opinions seem to be split between the Coffman Community in Collin Co.
> and the town of Kaufman in Kaufman Co. While I'm pleased at everone's
> willingness to help, I'm surprised that no one has asked if James knows
> anymore information; like did he know the county in which his ancester
> was born or has he found his ancester on any census records and of
> course the most important question of all: when was his ancester born?
> So James, can you answer any of these questions or tell us more so we
> can more accurately answer your initial question? I'm just curious.
> Ted in Dallas
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