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Thanks, Those are my mother( Priscilla Ethel) she hates that middle name. and
the others are two of her sisters.

She has a sister Juanita Louise? CHAPMAN br. abt 1933 Dallas.
her father died 1936 Dallas and is buried Pleasant Mound Cemetery.

I beleive there were other "cousins" there and probably other children were
living there, too.

. The kids were sent to the Sunshine County home in 1936 and later sent to
Waco State home later. They had been in an out of Buckner's, too, but
supposedly they cannot find records of it.

I appreciate any information.
Janey in OklahomaCity @ bushjl @aol.com

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Subject: [TXDALLAS] William Franklin Chapman family

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Reply Here: http://genconnect.rootsweb.com/gc/USA/Tx/Dallas/1451

Surname: Chapman


Just in case you don't have this additional info (all born in Dallas County):

Ethel Chapman, born 29 Aug 1927
Dorothy Geane Chapman, born 30 Jun 1929
Margarite Elaine Chapman, born 20 Feb 1931

- Mel Douglass

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