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Subject: Re: [ERATH] Funeral records or funeral homes
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<< Also, Clyde Barrow's Uncle ran the Barrow- Rutledge Funeral Home in Hico,
Hamilton County and did a lot of business for the folk who used the Hico
Hospital. from Erath County. Thurber must have once had a Funeral home-
or did Ranger, Strawn, and Stephenville do theirs? >>

My DIL is a BARROW descendant....and I have doused this rumor. The
owner-operator of the funeral home was Grady Martel Barrow (1896-1949)
who was the youngest of eleven children of Jeremiah "Jerry" Barrow
(1849-1918) and Mary Jesstina (1857-1925) who came to Hico about 1894 from
Notasulga AL. There were four other Barrow brothers that came along
including David (1846-1922); Burrell or "Doc" (1854-1934); Jimmie
(1856-1901), and William (1861-1918). They had one sister, Virginia Barrow
Willis (1852-1909). All six of these are buried at Hico Cemetery.
Clyde Barrow, of Bonnie & Clyde fame, was born at Telico, near Ennis,
in Ellis County. Later he grew up on the streets of Dallas where his father
ran a gas filling station.
The Barrow family of Hico were a furniture business family. Archie
Barrow, Grady's older brother, (1877-1961) oversaw an operation that was
flung from Fort Worth to Lubbock to Odessa with stores in as many as ten
or 12 towns. Archie or A.B. resided in Abilene----never married----except
to the business. Grady Perry in his book "Grand Ol' Erath" talks about
a time that coffins and caskets were featured in the furniture stores before
about 1920 when the funeral homes were coming into prominence. So
it was somewhat natural to go from the furniture business into the funeral
home business, I suppose. That way the furniture chain had an outlet for
the caskets.

In any case, Clyde Barrow used to stop into the Barrow Furniture store
as well as the funeral home at Hico when he was travelling about. He had
many "friendly" folks all about; the old Bath (railroad) Hotel at Llano sells
tee shirts with a posed picture of Clyde out front during his outlaw heyday.
I have dug his roots and they lead to LA and perhaps he was distantly kin
to the Barrow family of Hico-----but not anywhere close as in 1st or 2nd or
even 3rd cousins. But Clyde Barrow isn't a nephew to any of the Barrow
Hico-Clairette families.

My DIL is a DAVIS and her Hico ancestors include PRUITT, BARROW,
HAINES, SANDERS, NEWTON lines of the Duffau and Hico area. The
PRUITT family was at Duffau and this family married into McCarty lines
so that my DIL and my son have some relatives that are cousins to each.


Bill McCarty Odessa, Texas


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