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Ross Family History

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Reuben Ross born before 1740 (said to have been born in Scotland/possibly

(((Family story says that 3 Ross brothers came to America-Pennsylvania-
each settled in a different area)))
The late Wilhelm Von Hacke, genealogist of Sumter, SC, found no grants
Reuben Ross in the area that became Sumter District, SC, but did find
evidence that he had at least one grant of land there. 2-9-1772, James
McCormick had 150 acres on Polebridge, a branch of Black River, bound by
Reuben Ross (Plat Bk 18,151, SC Arch.). 10-17-1774 and 10-18-1774, Isaac
Huger had two grants of 500 acres each on Polebridge, branch of Black
both bound by grant to Reuben Ross (Plat Bk 17, pp. 137 & 139, SC Arch.).

Reuben was apparently dead by 1788. The 1788 Tax List for Clarendon:
Priscilla Ross, 1 slave (South Caroliniana Library, Columbia, SC). The
of Isaac Green of St Mark's Parish, dated 1-13-1769, proved 5-22-1772,
recorded Charleston Will Book SS 1771-1774, p. 183: sons: Moses and John,

George and Robert, all estate and Executors; daughters Alse Lansdale,
Priscilla Ross, Sarah Ann Norman; Witn.: Bartlett Hensen, Andrew Hilton
(Moore, Caroline T . Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South

Mary Brandhorst, Texas City, TX 77590 shared Xerox copies of Family
pages from a Bible which had entries for the surname Ross and for the
of Charles and Rebecca Brunson from Sumter District, SC. Ms. Brandhorst,
Brunson researcher, stated that no date of publication of the Bible is
and only the Register pages are in the possession of Brunson descendants.
was unaware of any connection between the Ross and Brunson families. All
entries were in the same handwriting. This hand did not write any of the
Brunson entries. Some of the pages are whole and some have been torn
The page on which were listed the seven children of Reuben and "Pricilla"

Ross was whole, with plenty of space after the entry for the seventh
Stephen. These, who are listed below, could have been all of the children

born to Reuben and Priscilla Ross. Their dates of birth have been
for these papers and additional information, when found, has been added.

"the age of Reuben and Pricilla Ross c...." (Bible Family Register):
1. Moses Ross born 9-26-1762 (Ibid.).

2. Elizabeth Ross born 3-16-1764 (Ibid. ).

3. Benjamin Ross born 4-10-1766 (Ibid.). He married Saphira Frizzell in
in Lincoln Co, NC. Their son, Reuben M. Ross was born 1797 in Lincoln Co,
Benjamin and Saphira died sometime after 1840 in Burke Co, NC. Reuben M.
married Deborah Capehart England in Burke Co, NC in 1817 and had the
following children:
1 Reuben M. Ross 1797 - 1877
.. +Deborah England 1798 - 1879
......... 2 Benjamin Arthur Ross 1819 - 1875
............. +Sophronia Chandler 1828 -
......... 2 Joseph Ross 1824 - 1856
............. +Delila Semean Mull 1829 -
......... 2 John B Ross 1824 - 1880
............. +Eliza 1830 -
......... 2 Stephen A Ross 1825 - 1893
............. +Amelia Abigail McCall 1824 - 1858
......... *2nd Wife of Stephen A Ross:
............. +Elizabeth C Byers 1842 - 1919
......... 2 William Robert Ross 1828 - 1870 (My line)
............. +Mary Ann Denton 1833 - 1876
......... 2 Reubin Albert Ross 1830 - 1918
............. +Jane Eliza Clontz 1836 - 1920
......... 2 Sarah Eliza Ross 1833 - 1894
............. +Emanuel (aka John Henry Henderson) Denton 1834 -

4. Solomon Ross born 5-25-1769 (Ibid.).

5. Hannah Ross born 6-8-1771 (Ibid.} Hannah is an excellent candidate for
first wife of Nathaniel Wickham Marion, who was named as a son in the
9-17-1780 Will of John Marion of St Mark's Parish (Camden District Will
A-1, 279). "Nathaniel Marion, son of grandfather's 2nd marriage, married
Hannah Ross and had John Samuel who went to FL, Mary Wickham married John

Tarrant & had several children; Nathaniel married 2nd Mrs. Jane McCants
(Letter dated 4-17-1845 from Robert W. Ervin, Pleasant Bill, Lancaster,
SC to
Richard Yeadon, Charleston, SC found at the South Carolina Historical
Society, Charleston, SC.). Attached to the 1845 letter from Ervin to
is a handwritten paper of notes in outline form that states Nathaniel
married Hannah Coleman (formerly Ross). [If this is correct, then Hannah
a 1st marriage to a Coleman. It has been thought that perhaps these notes

were made by Richard Yeadon, but no proof to date.] The following is in
reference to Nathaniel Marion's 2nd marriage. Indenture made 11-26-1818
between Nathaniel Marion of St John's Parish and Mrs. Jane McCants of the

same place, widow of James McCants; marriage is intended shortly between
said Nathaniel Marion and the said Jane McCants. ... (Marriage
Vol 8, 12, SC Archives).
[Nathaniel moved to Abbeville District, SC ca. 1820.] 2-25-1826,
Marion of Abbeville District to Mrs. Elizabeth Hilton for life, 1 Negro
for her daughter Eveline now wife of Jacob Whitehead; Witn. Stephen Ross
(Sumter Conv. G, 413). Nathaniel Marion died at Cokesbury on 7-11-1839 in
66th year of his age; born in St John's Parish and his parents dying
afterwards, he was brought up in the family of Gen. Marion, to whom he
related; in 1819, he removed to Abbeville District and shortly afterwards

attached himself to the M. E. Church (Southern Christian Advocate,
publication). Nathaniel Marion, Box 66 Pack 1623: Will dated 5-2-1836 in
Abbeville District, proved 7-27-1839; Execs: wife Jane Marion, Jas.
Shackleford, son-in-law John R. Torrent; Witn.: F. Connor, 0. A.
Williams, W.
C. Anderson; Wife Jane Marion; Children; Legatees; Nathaniel Marion died
7-11-1839; Settlement made 2-9-1842; Jane Marion was Jane McCants before
marriage and by a deed made 11-26-1818 in contemplation of marriage,
Nathaniel Marion and Jane McCants conveyed to Robert McCants certain
ests. in
trust; marriage between the two was solemnized after execution (Young,
Pauline. Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville Dist Wills and Bonds
1969). [Those named as legatees were the descendants of Jane McCants and
listed as legatees because of the marriage settlement] The births of the
children of Nathaniel Marion [from both marriages] were written on the
fly-leaf of a Book of Common Prayer dated 1810; on the inside cover:
Marion his Book bought on the 18 Feb 1817" (South Carolina Magazine of
Ancestral Research Vol IV, #3 1976, 178, contributed by Miss Francis
Hartzog, Clinton, SC).
The children of Hannah Ross:
1) Elizabeth Mary Wickham Marion born 1-14-1812 according to the Prayer
Book. Mary Wickham, daughter of Nathaniel Marion by 1st marriage, married

John Tarrant, had several children (Ervin letter, op. cit). Probate
"Bequeath to E. M. W. Tarrant"; son-in-law John R. Tarrant (Young, op.
Mrs. Eliz. W. Tarrant, consort of J. R. Tarrant, Esq., died at Greenwood,

Abbeville Dist, SC 3-12-1855 in her 43rd year, a daughter of Nathaniel
Marion, a near relative of Gen. Francis Marion (Southern Christian
op. cit). [Note that in her father's obituary, Nathaniel was related to
Marion, and in this obituary he was a near relative. Marion research has
confirmed that he was only a cousin of some degree to Gen. Francis
2) John Samuel Marion born 9-27-1813 according to the Prayer Book. John

Samuel, son of Nathaniel Marion by 1st marriage; went to Florida (Ervin
letter, op. cit). Probate Package: John Samuel named as a child (Young,
cit). 1846, John S. Marion, Clerk of Court (Hamilton County BiCentennial
Committee, An Early History of Hamilton County. Florida, 31). Very small
cemetery on Marion Rd 158 about 2 miles in field on left: John Samuel
1813/1846 (Ibid., 50). [Also buried there is an unidentified Mrs. Ann
1818/1860; John Samuel's half-brother Nathaniel P. Marion 1820/1909;
Ann, wife of N. P. 1823/1909.]
3) Louisa Charlotte Marion born 3-1-1816 according to the Prayer Book.
Louisa Charlotte Faucheraud, daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah Marion,
3-1-1816, private Baptism 8-27-1817 Charleston (Pinckney, Elise. Register
St Philip's Church Charleston. South Carolina 1810 through 1822 1973,48).

[She was not mentioned in Ervin's 1845 letter.] Probate Package: Louisa
Charlotte "Fishro" Marion was named as a deceased daughter (Young, op.

6. Pricilla Ross born 6-16-1774 {Bible Family Register, op. cit).

7. Stephen Ross born 7-24-1776; Stephen Ross and Sarah Baxter married
3-4-1800 {Ibid.). John Baxter born 7 -23-1747, died after 1785, married
Ridgill, 2nd Mary Britton, Lt Col. SC {DAR Patriot Index, publication of
Nat'l Society DAR, Washington, DC). Sarah Baxter, wife of Stephen Ross,
been accepted by DAR as the daughter of Lt Col. John Baxter and wife Ann
Ridgill {DAR Lineage Bk 61, p. 208). There are errors in identification
concerning two men named John Baxter. [Although there seems little doubt
Sarah was the daughter of the John Barter who married Ann Ridgill, 2nd
Britton, her father was not the John Baxter who was a Lt Col. under Gen.
Francis Marion in the Rev. War as follows.] Col. John Barter was a son of

Rev. John Baxter, minister of the Black Mingo Presbyterian Church in 1733

{Boddie, William Willis. History of Williamsburg 1923, 119). The Will of
Baxter, "son of John", of Liberty Co., SC dated 8-11-1790, found at the
Marion Co., SC Courthouse in a folder marked "Papers of Col. John
Wife Jane; [one child named] "My Dear Daughter Sabina Lynch Baxter ...
Daughter to be educated in Charleston with the very best that money can
obtain ..."{copied by Shirley Baxter, Milton, FL 1972).

Stephen Ross was the head of a household in Clarendon on the 1800 Sumter
Census: 2 males 16-25, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-25. Papers of
administration of the estate of William R. L. Stukes dec'd signed by
Stukes, Joseph G. B. Stukes, Stephen Ross and Richard Ridgill on
Agnes Stukes and Joseph Stukes, Administrators; Appraisal made
3-14-1808, new papers were drawn up; new appraisal called for, the
this time were Agnes Stukes, Jacob Kingswood and William Sims; Stephen
signed as a witness ... {on file, Sumter Courthouse, Sumter, SC).
Stephen Ross was the head of a household in Clarendon on the 1810 Sumter

Census: 4 males 1-9, 1 male 16-25, 2 males 26-44, 3 females 1-9, 1 female

10-15, 1 female 26-44, 1 slave. [This census enumeration makes it
that Stephen and Sarah had 8 children born to them by 1810.]
1815, Stephen Ross bought from the heirs of Wm. R. L. Stukes dec'd, 59
in Clarendon on Hunters Branch, waters of Jacks Creek ... Witn.: Solomon
Ross {Sumter Conv. E, 101). [This Solomon A. Ross has not been
On 10-28-1818 Stephen Ross of Clarendon sold 324 ½ acres on Home Branch
William N. Stukes; witnessed by Robert W. Ervin, Nathaniel M. Ross, Mary
Barter; wife Sarah Ross released dower on 12-16-1818 {Sumter Conv. EE,
[This was the last found for them in Sumter District]
Stephen Ross was of Abbeville District, SC by 1-20-1820 when he bought 2
Negro women from Charles Brunson, witnessed by Charles B. and Theodore A.

Ridgill; on the same day he bought from Richard Ridgill1 Negro girl
Conv. F, 160). Stephen Ross was the witness on 2-25-1826 when Nathaniel
Marion of Abbeville District gave a slave to Elizabeth Hilton for life
to go to her daughter Evelina, wife of Jacob Whitehead {Sumter Conv. G,

The surviving Bible Family Register records the births of 3 children to
Stephen and Sarah. Part of the page has been torn away, but there is
of writing below the entry for the third child. Another page of the
Register records the marriages of John M. Ross who will be given below as
candidate for a son of Stephen and Sarah.
DAR records provide another son. The list of children below is no doubt
1) Priscilla Ann Ross born 11-20-1800 {Bible Family Register, op. cit).
2) Nathaniel Marion Ross born 2-21-1802 {Ibid.) Nathaniel Ross was on the

1829 Voting Record for Clarke Co., AL; Charles Brunson and his wife
Ridgill also moved to Clark Co, AL {Brandhorst, op. cit).

3) Stephen Ross born [tear, looks like February-4 1804 (Bible Family
Register, op. cit) Stephen Ross was on the 1829 Voting Record for Clarke

Co., AL (Brandhorst, op. cit). [There is always the possibility that the
Stephen Ross voting in 1829 was his father Stephen Ross.] The Will of one

Stephen Ross of Abbeville District, SC dated 12-18-1841 named wife
children Martha June [or Jane] Ross, Moses Glenn Ross, Isabella Ann Ross;

Executrix Elizabeth Ross; witnessed by Peter McKellar, Jas. C. Ray [or
John P. Baratt (copied by Sarah H. Keels, Pinewood, SC). [IF the Stephen
who made his Will in 1841 was the son of Stephen and Sarah Baxter Ross,
the following were their grandchildren. ]
1/ Moses Glenn Ross of the village of Greenville, Abbeville District
his Will 3-191855: Father-in-law Mr. Phillip LeRoy [or LeRay], 1 Negro
named Daniel; sister Mrs. Isabella Crews, wife of Marcus A. Crews, rest
estate; Executor Marcus A. Crews (Ibid.).
2/ Isabella Ann Ross was unmarried on 12-18-1841, the date of her
Will; named to Marcus A. Crews by the 3-19-1855 Will of her brother Moses

Glenn Ross.
3/ Martha June [or Jane] Ross was unmarried on 12-18-1841, the date of
father's Will; not mentioned in the 3-19-1855 Will of her brother Moses
Ross. Mrs. Jane Quattlebaum, daughter of Stephen & Elizabeth Ross and
of Henry M. Quattlebaum, died in Abbeville District, SC 4-25-1851 aged 23

years; left husband and 2 daughters (Southern Christian Advocate, op.
Candidate for a son: (Note this is not proven)
4) John M. Ross and Martha Day married 1-24-1826;
John M. Ross and Tennesee Cross married 2-3-1836 (Bible Family
op. cit).
1/ Mary Agness Ross, 1st daughter of John M. and Martha Ross,
born 11-3 -1826, died 10-14-1827 age 11 months, 11

days (Ibid.).
2/ Sarah Nicey Ross, 2nd daughter of John M. and Martha

Ross, born
9- 25-1832, died 10... (Ibid.).
[These entries were at the top of a page, and it appears that the rest
the entries have been torn off.]
Son from DAR records:
5) Benjamin Arthur Ross, son of Stephen Ross and Sarah Baxter, married
Elizabeth B. Mabry (DAR Lineage Bk, op. cit.). Records of Old Ninety-Six
Abbeville District: "Mrs. Ross" listed as a legatee of R. L.Mabry; dated
9-5-1853 (Young, op. cit., 521).
1/ Agnes I. Ross, daughter of B. A. and Elizabeth B.
married Elias Lake Tolbert (DAR Lineage Bk, op. cit).
(1) Elizabeth Henderson Tolbert born Elmwood, SC, daughter of
Elias Lake and Agnes I. Ross
married Allie James
Milling (Ibid., DAR application
(2) Benjamin Arthur Tolbert- Dean of Students of University of Florida,
Gainesville, FL
until his death in 1937
2/ ?Nina Ross, daughter of Dr. B. A. Ross of
Co., and Mr.
James McRacken of Abbeville married 12-31-1872
Christian Advocate, op. cit.).

Notes concerning future research:
The Bible Family Register records the names of seven children born to
and Priscilla Ross, but these papers contain additional information on
two of those named. Although possible, it seems unlikely that the other
children died leaving no records.
Considering all that has been stated in these papers, the possibility
be considered that Elizabeth Ross born 3-16-1764, daughter of Reuben &
Priscilla Ross, was the same Elizabeth as follows.
2-25-1826, Nathaniel Marion of Abbeville District to Mrs. Elizabeth
for life, 1 Negro girl for her daughter Eveline, now wife of Jacob
Witn.: Stephen Ross (Sumter Conv. G, 413). Interested researchers must
or disprove, using primary sources, that Elizabeth, wife of Jesse Hilton,
Elizabeth Ross. The following is given in the event that it can be proven

that Elizabeth Ross married Jesse Hilton.
Jesse was the head of a household in Clarendon on the 1790 SC Census: 2
over 16, 4 females. Jesse Hilton was the head of a household in Clarendon
the 1800 SC Census: 1 male 45 or over, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 26-44, 1
slave. Jesse Hilton was the head of a household in Clarendon on the 1810
Census: 1 male 45 or over, 2 females 1-9, 1 female 45 or over, 4 slaves.
Jesse Hilton of Clarendon sold 7-15-1815 to Stephen Ross 46 1/2 acres on
Hunter's Branch, waters of Jack's Creek, bound N-grant James Hilton,
Jesse Hilton, S-grant "Mashack" Rozar, part of 159 acres granted to him
2-22-1786; wife Elizabeth Hilton released dower on 7-30-1815 (Sumter
Conv. E,
103). Jesse Hilton of Clarendon sold 8-19-1816 to Joseph Stukes Sr.
acres on Hunter's Branch and Horse Branch part of original grant to him
159 acres 2-22-1786, bound ... North on land laid out to "Mecheck" Rozar
land of said tract belonging to Stephen Ross; ...; wife Elizabeth Hilton
released dower 9-241816 (Sumter Conv. DD, 400). Jesse Hilton and William
Hilton sold 9-6-1816 to Joseph Stukes Sr. 200 acres on Big Branch of
Creek, originally granted to Amey Hilton 12-24-1772...; Witn.: Richard
Ridgill Sr., Charles Brunson; wife Elizabeth Hilton released dower
(Sumter Conv. DD, 401). Jesse was the head of a household in Clarendon on
1820 Census: 1 male 45 or over, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 16-25, 2 females
or over. on 2-25-1826, Jesse petitioned the State of South Carolina for
back-pay and a pension for his Rev. War service (Audited Account
#3513!12, SC
Arch.). Jesse Hilton appears as the head of a household on the Index to
1830 Census for Sumter District. He is said to have died in 1832. Bond
made on 9-22-1834 for Jacob H. Whitehead to Administer the Estate of
Hilton; Milton A. Stukes signed as one of the heirs of the estate of the
Jesse Hilton (Estate papers on file, Sumter Courthouse, Sumter, SC).

Any connections anyone?
Orlando, FL

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