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From: Cami McCraw <>
Subject: [TXFANNIN-L] Fannin County, TX/"Honey Grove" & a mention of Allen's Chapel
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 00:09:50 -0600

For Lisa Stark, & Other Researchers--
When I saw the "Allen's Chapel" name, I remembered I had previously
typed up some related info. for another researcher a few months ago
concerning some early settler's (mainly the McCraw's--) of Fannin Co., &
Allen's Chapel is at least mentioned. The following info. comes from
the book, "It Is McCraw Not McGraw". -- Maybe you will get some info. or
different surnames out of this that could help you in your research
somehow. (Another researcher suggests looking into Hunt Co., TX as
Thomas B. McCraw & Nancy McKinnon Bain Family Home built in Fannin
County ca. 1865 (m. in Kentucky, but buried at "McCraw Chapel", Fannin
Thomas B. (b. Dec. 6, 1811 in VA; d. Feb. 18, 1883 in Honey Grove,
Fannin County, TX).
Nancy Ann McKinnon Bain - dau. of William Bain & Catharine McKinnon (b.
Nov. 11, 1819 in NC; d. Mar. 3, 1883 in Honey Grove, Fannin County, TX).

6 Children; their 1st & middle names:
William Bain
Catharine Jane
Mary Ann (more on her below)
Nancy Ladonia
Margaret Annos
Latitia Belle

The Mother-in-Law of Thomas Bryant McCraw is a widow, & has bought land
in Fannin County, near
"Allen's Chapel" in April of 1846.

William Bain McCraw gave a portion of the land in Fannin County for this
"McCraw Chapel." (methodist)

1870 Deed Records show both William B. (the son) & Thomas B. (the
father) buying land, & in 1877 William sells to his father 738 acres.
Nancy Tyler (dau) gets the home place of Thomas, & becomes known as "the
Tyler Place".

Thomas Bryant McCraw - listed on 1850 Census as Thomas M. McCraw.
Granddaughter Effie White states that the "M" stood for "Marion"; an
extra middle name. (Thomas Bryant Marion McCraw)

1850 Census: McCraw household listed, as well as Hugh Bain's, the
brother-in-law, with his wife Mary. (~unk maiden~)
1860 Census: McCraw household listed w/an additional 2 names with the
family - Angelina Jackson from Kentucky & A.J. Lumpkins from Georgia.
1870 Census: Family still listed; other 2 names from above gone.
1880 Census: Parents remain in household, children gone. A Farmhand,
(Thomas Dowdy) is listed.
(taken from an old photograph) - the married names of the 4 McCraw dau=

Nancy Tyler, Catherine Jane McCraw Word, Margaret McCraw Self (her
husband has a separate photo here, his name is "Thomas Jefferson Self"),
& Latitia Belle McCraw Gambell.

The one son, William Bain McCraw (b. Nov. 4, 1841; d. Mar. 21, 1878 in
Fannin County).
He marries Josephine McClanahan (dau. of S.C.A. McClanahan, & b. Jan. 6,
1852 in Birmingham, AL; D. Jan. 11, 1939 in Grayson County, TX).

He is her 2nd (out of 3) marriages.

1st M. -- James William Yeager
2nd M. -- William Bain McCraw
3rd M. -- Charles Edwin Tyler (1882, b/o George F. Tyler)

She has 4 sons with McCraw.
Widowed from Yeager marriage, & has 1 dau. from that marriage, Amanda
Yeager, b. 1870.
She marries Charles Edwin Tyler, after the d. of McCraw, being "frail"
after the Civil War (served at age 20) but she & the children live with
McCraw's parents (Thomas B. McCraw). Later, the 4 children of the McCraw

marriage are taken in by the new bro-in-law with the natural aunt,
George F. & Nancy Tyler ~ (The Tyler brothers apparently marrying a
McCraw dau. & widowed dau.-in-law.)

1880 Census: Josephine is listed at the home in Fannin County of her 60
yr. old father S.A. McClanahan. Several of her children are listed,
including the dau. Amanda Yeager. Also listed is a J.B. Kirkendall.

~~ The mystery: No one knows what became of the daughter, AMANDA


The book also has this to say:
"Some say that Thomas McCraw first settled near Ladonia & his dau.
Nancy had a middle name of Ladonia. His third child, Mary Ann, died in
1862 & is buried in the old Bain Cemetery near Allen's Chapel northeast
of Bonham, Texas. All his other children lived to adulthood and had
Regarding burials-- other than the above mentioned Allen Chapel ) --
all other's from this storyline in this area appear to be buried
together at the McCraw Chapel. ("William Bain MCraw was the first person
to be
buried there, just a year & a month after he had donated the land.") I
guess we could figure a building date from that info., since William
Bain McCraw - b. Nov. 4, 1841, & d. March 21, 1878 of pneumonia plus a
fall in the snow. (What a way to go...)
The land was actually deeded by he & his father-in-law - Feb. 23, 1877
(2 acres), & it was deeded to: "The Dodd City Circuit of the Meth.
Episcopal Church South", to be used for a school, church & cemetery."
book states that this became known as the "McCraw Chapel" and that of
1982 it still stood, with an annual reunion being held each yr./1st Sun.
in May. It adds, "Friends & members of the McCraw Chapel Association
make donations for the care & upkeep of the church & cemetery."
Also, I notice the death date for Josephine McClanahan varies. (b.
Jan 6, 1852 in Birmingham, AL ~~
dau. of S.C.A. McClanahan; "d. Jan. 11, 1939 in Grayson County, TX, at
the home of her son, Newton Keene, when he & his fam. where living
there. She was 87."
However, her McCraw Chapel Cemetery Headstone reads the same b., but the
d. date is "Jan. 11, 1930."

Also, from another Researcher's e-mail but not from the McCraw book --
she suggests some other counties to search in, in addition to Fannin
"Just south of Fannin Co is Hunt Co where the Roach and McCraw
families lived. Hardin Co is in Tennessse where Roach and some of these
other families they married into came from. Also McNairy Co TN which in
next door--many lived in Morris Chapel TN but were buried in Morris Co.
Cemetery in Hardin
Co TN. -- So when you start looking up info you have to go to both


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