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I am currently an editor for a Texas pastor/author who is writing historical fiction about her ancestors. I have caught the bug of genealogical research from researching her family! On a lark, I entered my paternal grandfather's name, Charles Holmans, who I know to have been born in England. In fact, I have, I believe, a copy of his birth from the Hall of Records in London. I do not have a computer; thus, I am not at home to dig this certificate out right now. However, I know the family of whom you wrote.

Charles, of England, married Marion Palmer of Scotland. They had the following children: Albert, Charles, William, James, Douglas, and Pearl. I believe the father's name was Charles Albert.

My father was James Burnett Holmans. He and my mother divorced when I was 18 months old, and I grew up merely visiting him. With another wife, he had only one more child, my half-sister, Kay Lynn.

Charles of England, according to my father, was "too stubborn to go to a hospital with an appendicitis attack, and therefore died at home of a ruptured appendix. My father, James, was born in Rosenberg, Texas, July 17, 1921. My dad was of pre-school age when his father died.

The mother, Marion Palmer Holmans, soon decided that she could not take care of all the children. She gave them to my dad's grandmother (I don't know if this was the maternal or paternal grandmother.) She lived in Rosenberg, Tx. My dad remembered selling oranges out on the highway that led to Houston. When my dad was about 5 or 6, the grandmother could not take care of them. Some uncle was a mason, and my dad remembers the uncle picking him and his siblings up in Rosenberg and driving them to Ft. Worth. He signed them over to the Masonic Home Orphanage (James, Bill, and the only sister, Pearl). Charles and Bill were young adults at this time. I don't know if Albert was a minor, also signed into the orphanage. I do know that all the siblings lamented the rest of their lives over Albert's death in WWII. I believe that he was off the coast of Alaska. He had just taken off in an amphibious plane, I believe, and it immediately crashed into a school of whales (or porpois!
es or dolphins).

The son Charles married a woman named Margaret, from Mexico. They settled in Dallas. They had several children: Charles Holmans of Denton, TX; Suzanne Holmans McKinnerney of Colorado; Lulu (married name ?) of Boston, MA; and Macrena (married name ?). Twenty years ago or so, Charles went to London to secure the birth record of the father. We all found out that his surname was listed as "HolmaN"--with no "s." The assumption, then, was that someone made a clerical error when the little children were signed into the Masonic Home Orphanage in Ft. Worth. We all are unsure if our last name should be Holman or Holmans.

The children of the above son, Charles, are all living, and they have children.

Bill married a lady named Ollie B. They settled in Austin, and had children, etc.

Doug married a lady named Maxine, and they settled in Austin, also having children who have had children.

James (Jimmy when little; Jim as an adult) married a lady named Cynthia from Cincinnatti, Ohio. Her father got Jim started in real estate. They divorced 1 year or so into the marriage. He married my mom, Elizabeth Whitten of Elgin, in 1950; I was born in 1952; they were divorced in 1953 or '54. Then, he married a lady named Wanda. They lived in Hawaii for 5 years, then Dallas, then settled in Austin. They had Kay Lynn. She and I both live in Austin. He then married a lady named Mary Davis, who had 4 children of her own.

Pearl married Vernon Dement. They settled in Austin. They had several children: Bert Dement of Austin; another brother of Colorado (name escapes me), and Lanier (their sister) Whilden, whose husband is a Houston lawyer.

All of Charles's and Marion's children are now deceased. My father died in 1996. All of the next generation are alive, as are their children and little ones. Except for a few who have emmigrated to Colorado (around Edwards, CO), and Lulu w/husband and children in Boston, the rest of the clan are in the Dallas, Denton, Austin, and Houston areas.

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