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From: "Lisa Wells" <>
Subject: [TXHOOD-L] AL>TX (Hood, Johnson Cos.) 1840>1950
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 07:02:21 -0700

Dear Listers,
I'm looking to fill in information on this Tarrant line.
Any help would be appreciated.

1. James TARRANT

Children: Samuel Lavert

1.1 Samuel Lavert TARRANT Sr.
Birth Date: 5 Sep 1842
Birth Place: Elyton, Jefferson Co. AL
Death Date: 26 May 1921
Death Place: Near Josephine, Collin Co. TX
Burial Date: 28 May 1921
Occupation: Ordained Minister Of The Gospel
Ordained Minister of the Gospel
Spouse: Nancy Ann SMITH
Birth Date: 1 Feb 1848
Birth Place: Blount Co. AL
Death Date: 12 Mar 1922
Death Place: Texas
Spouse Father: William SMITH Sr. (1815-1893)
Spouse Mother: Elizabeth Ann McCARTY (1819-1895)
Spouse Research:

Source Information:

Batch number: M584732
Marriage Date: 17 Oct 1866
Marriage Place: Jefferson, Jefferson, AL 27
Children: George L.
Edward Franklin
Alice Jane
James Ector "Eck"
Florence Virginia
Minnie Lee
Samuel Lavert "Buck"
Lillie Murtel

1.1.1 George L. TARRANT
Birth Date: 1867
Death Date: 1953
Spouse: Lula DONATHAN
Children: Lucy L.
Margaret "Jane"
Frances Lucy L. TARRANT
Birth Date: 1896
Death Date: 1980
Spouse: Barnett DENNIS
Birth Place: Unknown Lecil TARRANT
Birth Date: 1897
Death Date: 1923 Margaret "Jane" TARRANT
Birth Date: 1899
Spouse: ? BOYD
Birth Place: Unknown Truett TARRANT
Birth Date: 1903 Frances TARRANT

Spouse: Lloyd CARROLL
Birth Place: Unknown

1.1.2 Edward Franklin TARRANT
Birth Date: 1869
Death Date: 1870

1.1.3 Alice Jane TARRANT
Birth Date: 1870
Death Date: 1956
Spouse: Ben F. GLENN
Marriage Date: 23 Dec 1894
Children: Pearl
Ben Byron
Pauline Pearl GLENN

Spouse: ? MEYERS Grace GLENN

Spouse: Earl Douglas STRATTON Sr.
Children: Earl Douglas Earl Douglas STRATTON Jr. Leon GLENN

Spouse: ? MOSS Ben Byron GLENN Pauline GLENN

Spouse: Roy McLURE

1.1.4 "Little" TARRANT
Birth Date: 1872
Death Date: 1872

1.1.5 William TARRANT
Birth Date: 1873
Death Date: 1953
Spouse: Susie DAVIS

1.1.6 James Ector "Eck" TARRANT
Birth Date: 1875
Death Date: 1954
Spouse: Bessie DEVINE
Birth Place: Unknown

1.1.7 Florence Virginia TARRANT
Birth Date: 1877
Death Date: 1880

1.1.8 Minnie Lee TARRANT
Birth Date: 1878
Death Date: 1953
Spouse: Wade CLEVELAND
Marriage Date: 10 Mar 1897

1.1.9 Samuel Lavert "Buck" TARRANT Jr.
Birth Date: 1880
Death Date: 1956
Spouse: Florence BEAVERS
Children: Audrey Margaret
Gladys Louise
Nadra Mae
Dorothy Lucille Audrey Margaret TARRANT
Birth Date: 1907
Spouse: Hugh BRADFORD Sr.
Children: Janice
Mary Louise
Hugh Gladys Louise TARRANT
Birth Date: 1909
Spouse: ? GIBBONS Nadra Mae TARRANT
Birth Date: 1910
Spouse: George D. REEVES
Children: G. Fred
Don Allen
Dalyne G. Fred REEVES Don Allen REEVES

Spouse: Kathy ?
Children: Kathy Dalyne REEVES

Spouse: Bob HARTSON
Children: Cam
Glen Daly
Judson Dorothy Lucille TARRANT
Birth Date: 1912
Spouse: Bill KING

1.1.10 Betty TARRANT
Birth Date: 1882
Death Date: 1889

1.1.11 Lillie Murtel TARRANT
Birth Date: 1889
Death Date: 1975
Spouse: Clark DANCER
Birth Place: Unknown

1.1.12 Ethel TARRANT
Birth Date: 1886
Death Date: 1976
Spouse: Willie YEATTS
Children: Orman Orman YEATTS
Birth Place: Unknown

Reference Note 27
LDS-IGI Records
Batch number: M584732

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