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From: Frank Saffarrans <>
Subject: [TXHOOD-L] Re: Smith Wallace Shoe Co.
Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 06:22:28 -0500
References: <e2.424c32a.26489f02@cs.com>

I checked the Hood County Civil Fee Record ledger, September 1893 -
March 1898.
Page 147 is the record for Smith Wallace Shoe Company vs Bush & Morgan,
for debt. The entire page is filled with entries of payment of various
associated with the case. Apparently the case was in progress in 1894
and 1895. There was also an entry in Jurors Time Book for "Picked up
Jurors in Smith Wallace vs Bush & Morgan, __ November 1894".
No info about the case except the listing of fees paid and time book
I did not find any other references to this shoe company in our records
that have
been indexed. I have concluded that Smith Wallace Shoe Co. is a retail
store, not a manufacturer. I found it interesting that my computer
search of Granbury Depot Archive records for "Shoe" turned up several
other shoe companies in
Hood County in this general time period - Howell Brothers Shoe Company,
Brown Shoe Company/Brown & Hamilton Shoe Co., and Peters Shoe Co. In
Later time period (1900-1930) there were Noyes & Norman and Battrall
Shoe Company. There were probably other stores but they must have
managed to avoid paying taxes, being a party to a court case, or their
records were lost.

Frank Saffarrans
Hood County Genealogical Society

This message also sent to TxHood-L mail list. Do any of you have any
Hood County Shoe Company info that you would like to share with us?


> I have a 16 X 20 picture of a litte girl with a pink dress looking into a
> mirror. The only writing on it is, "compliments of Smith Wallace Shoe''.
> I bought it at an auction sale, I have no idea the date. The Atlanta library
> gave me what little information I have. They gave me Smith Wallace, Hood
> County Texas.
> I would appreciate in information you could furnish me.

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