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Kelly, B. C.minorMay 101875Rusk
Kelly, F. A.deceasedJul 071927Newton
Kelly, Fannie E.minorDec 141867Rusk
Kelly, Fannie E.and W.C.minorNov 101868Rusk
Kelly, JackNCMSep 211928Robertson
Kelly, James W.deceasedJan 191854Rusk
Kelly, LucyNCM, (no papers)Oct 141889Robertson
Kelly, Mary E.deceasedJul 021931Delta
Kelly, MinnieminorFeb 181884Rusk
Kelly, Mrs. AnnettedeceasedJan 031928Brown
Kelly, Mrs.WaltertubercularNov 171928Rusk
Kelly, Ping DingNCMApr 101933Newton
Kelly, Robert GillminorFeb 181884Rusk
Kelly, SamNCMMay 181935Camp
Kelly, W.CdeceasedJul 081864Rusk
Kelly, William C.minor, (no papers)Dec __1867Rusk



there are some Roark's listed at above links
you might also check in the Texas handbook online, Roark's are listed.

My Roark's in Lavaca co were Elijah Roark
Elijah Roark's son, Leo, was md to Mary Pevehouse.

1829, Elijah Roark and his son Leo, and friends loaded a wagon and driving
the hogs, began the long trip to San Antonio, the nearest marketplace, which
was about 200 mi. They had crossed the Guadalupe River and made camp for the
night, when they were attacked by Indians. Elijah and his friend were
murdered, but Leo, and another young man, escaped in the under brush. They
made their way to San Antonio, where Leo told of the attack. The next day
they went back to the campsite, where they found the two men scalped and
their wagon burning. The Indians had taken their stock. It would be 3months
later, before Leo made it back to Ft Bend to tell about the murder to his
mother Cynthia Roark who gave birth to dau Mary soon after she learned of
the tragedy. Cynthia d 25 Dec 1836. At this time, the twins, Louisa and
Lucinda, went to live with their Aunt Sarah Kelley, wife of John Kelley,
another old 300 family-said little Andrew and Mary, went also.

KELLY, JOHN (?-?). John Kelly, one of Stephen F. Austin'sqv Old Three
Hundredqv colonists,
received title to two labores of land now in Brazos County on July 19, 1824.
The census of Mar 1
1826 classified him as a farmer and stock raiser aged between forty and
fifty. At that time his household included his wife, Sally, four sons, and
three daughters. Kelly was administrator for the estate of Elijah A. Roarkqv
and acted as guardian of the Roark children.
BIBLIOGRAPHY: Lester G. Bugbee, "The Old Three Hundred: A List of Settlers
in Austin's First Colony," Quarterly of the Texas State Historical
Association 1 (October 1897). William Barret
Travis, Diary, ed. Robert E. Davis (Waco: Texian, 1966). Ernest Wallace and
David M. Vigness,
eds., Documents of Texas History (Austin: Steck, 1963).

John Kelly, one of Stephen F. Austin's "Old Three Hundred" colonists, moved
his family overland
to Tx abt 1821. Most children born before 1822 give place of birth as Mo,
Cynthia dau born 1822
gives La as place of birth and Elijah b 1823 gives place of birth as Tx. He
rec'd title to two labores
of land on July 19, 1824. The census of March 1826 classified him as a
farmer and stock raiser aged bet 40-50. At that time his household inc wife
Sally, 4 sons, and 3 daus. Kelly was admin for the estate of
Elijah A. Roark and acted as guardian of the Roark children Dec 24 1829.
Source: Austin Co. TX. Succession of Elijah Roark dec'd 'Colonial Archives.
Cynthia Fisher/Elijah Roark md Randolph Co Il so it is thought that John and
Sarah were married there too.

ROARK, ANDREW JACKSON (?-1851). Andrew Jackson Roark, soldier, was the son
of Cynthia
(Fisher) and Elijah A. Roark. The family left Il 1824 and settled at
Stafford's Point (now Stafford)
in Ft Bend Co Tx. Roark and his family took part in Runaway Scrape during
the Tx Rev and later
he and his bro Leo attended David Henson's school. 1836 after the death of
their mother, Roark and
his 3minor sisters became wards of a relative, John Kelly of San Felipe.
Roark moved to Colorado
Co where, Jan 1846 m Helen McNeill (McNiel, McNeal). 1847 they had son.
Helen Roark d
Columbus 1847, perhaps in childbirth. Source: Austin Co. TX. Succession of
Elijah Roark dec'd
Colonial Archives Succession 4:243-294: Cynthia Fisher widow of Elijah Roark
states she is the
mother of the Roark children and John Kelly is her brother-in-law and uncle
to the Roark children.
This would make Sarah, wife of John - Sarah Fisher - the sister of Cynthia
Fisher Roark.


this is my Johnson connection

3Frank Knox Smothers b May 9 1859 d Apr 9 1935 Karnes Co Kenedy Tx
+ Mary Ella Johnson Nov 7 1889 Lavaca Co Tx b apr 11 1869 Marion Co Palmyra
d Dec 8 1939 Karnes Co Kenedy tx

dont know if any of this is of any help, just thought I'd pass it on
From: "Shirley Roark" <>

I haven't found a Jordan in my JOHNSON research .
My first JOHNSON, that I have documented is Dandridge, b. NC 1823. He went
to AL, where my Gr Grandfather George JOHNSON was born about 1848, then to
ARK, and then Colorado County, TX, where my grandfather Albert Sidney
JOHNSON was born in 1885. He married my grandmother Lillie Pink DANIELS and
they moved to Yoakum, where my mother was born in 1913.

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I am descended from Jordan Johnson who is on the 1880 Lavaca County census,
b. MS, do you have a connection to him?

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Chris, since you did not tie you message to a posted message, I am not sure
who you were addressing. I did a search and I was the only Shirley I found,
so maybe it was addressed to me.
My Lavaca Co. research is on my mother's side of the family. EICHMAN,
DANIELS, JOHNSON, WOOLIVER, My husband's ROARK family was located in Navarro
Co, HIll Co, McLennan Co,
& Wichita Co. I have not run across the name Mollie May, in my research.

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