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Subject: Re: [TXREDRIV] Paris,Tx
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 16:51:48 -0600
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I am pretty positive it was not some one's name. It must have been
for Paris, France. There is probably more info on that some where. I
think the man given credit for found Paris, is "Wright", maybe Claiborne
Wight that was originally at Jonesboro in Red River Co. This is my
memories, so you might want to check it our before putting it in stone.
I live in Paris, but my heart is in Red River County and I spend a lot
of time there. I told my wife recently (and repeating), I want to die
and be buried in Red River Co. When I fully retire, I expect to have a
place in RR co. I keep looking at the real estate even now. Certainly
are some nice places in Red River County at reasonably prices compared to
the rest of the state and world.

BTW, within a few short months a 3 story office building is to be built
next to the hospital on the west side of Clarksville. I have had one of
the Paris doctors that is working in the Cville hospital to confirm it.
Many of the Paris doctors are not happy with the hospital here in Paris and
have not been for a few years.
Jim Giddens
p.s. Own my way to Bogata now.
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> How did Paris,Tx get its name? Was it someone's last name or named for the
> famous
> Paris,France?
> Dianne Hardin
> in Ca.
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