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From: Alison Stevens <>
Subject: [TXWISE] Morris M. Raney (b. abt 1870 in AR),Ella Maude Simpson/Simmons (b. abt 1880 in TX)
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 20:16:44 -0700 (PDT)

Is anyone familiar with Morris M. Raney and Ella Maude Simpson or Simmons? I'm looking for Ella Simpson, the daughter of Edward Simpson and Martha J. Haskett(?). Edward's and Martha's daughter Ella was born about 1874 in Texas, so Morris Raney's wife is probably not her... but I've no proof either way yet. Thank you, Alison Stevens

1900 OK, Oklahoma County, Springer township, ed 163, sheet 8a, enum 14 Jun 1900, stamped pg 120a
155 / 167
Raney, M M
... head, white, male, July 1869, age 30 yrs, marr, marr 6 yrs, AR, AR, TN, farmer, 0 months unemployed, yes, yes, yes, R, m, F, 112
---, Maud
... wife, white, female, July 1879, age 20 yrs, marr, marr 6 yrs, 3 children, 2 living, TX, TX, TX, yes, yes, yes
---, L. T. or L. J.
... dau, white, female, Dec 1896, age 3 yrs, sing, TX, AR, TX
---, H. W.
... son, white, male, Oct 1898, age 1 yr, TX, AR, TX
Savage, Ella
... boarder, white, female, Mar 1880, age 20 yrs, sing, TX, TX, TX, yes, yes, yes
Allen, John
... boarder, white, male, Oct 1875, age 24 yrs, sing, TX, TX, MO, yes, yes, yes
Jones?, G. C.
... cousin, white, male, July 1881 or July 1882, age 18 yrs, AR, AR, AR, yes, yes, yes

1910 Texas, Wise County, Justice Precinct 6, ed 259, sheet 7a, enum 22 Apr 1910, stamped pg 204a
83 / 83
Raney, M. M.
... head, male, white, age 40, marr 1, marr 15 yrs, AR, AR, TN, English, farmer, general farm, oa, yes, yes, yes, O, F, F, 55
---, Maud
... wife, female, white, age 30, marr 1, marr 15 yrs, 5 children, 5 living, TX, TX, TX, English, none, yes, yes
---, Homer
... son, male, white, age 11, sing, TX, AR, TX, English, none, yes, yes, yes
---, Walter
... son, male, white, age 9, sing, OK, AR, TX, none, school
---, Roy
... son, male, white, age 8, sing, OK, AR, TX, none, school
---, Virgil
... son, male, white, age 6, sing, OK, AR, TX, none, no school
---, Lola
... dau, female, white, age 2, sing, TX, AR, TX, none

1920 Texas, Hale County, Justice Precinct 4, ed 105
Road Numerl? 52
FM / 87 / 87
Rainey, Morris M
... head, O, M, male, white, age 50, marr, yes, yes, AR, AR, TN, yes, farmer, general farm, oa
---, Maude
... wife, female, white, age 40, marr, yes, yes, TX, TX, TX, yes, none
---, Homer W
... son, male, white, age 21, sing, no, yes, yes, TX, AR, TX, yes, sailor, United States Navy (actually enum in England)
---, Walter M
... son, male, white, age 19, sing, no, yes, yes, OK, AR, TX, yes, none
---, Roy R.
... son, male, white, age 17, sing, yes, yes, yes, OK, AR, TX, yes, none
---, Virgil C.
... son, male, white, age 15, sing, yes, yes, yes, OK, AR, TX, yes, none
---, Lola L.
... dau, female, white, age 12, sing, yes, yes, yes, TX, AR, TX, yes, none

Wise County, TX births, by father's name
RAINEY M. (SIMMONS) Maud blank 1/4/08 F blank 3769

Wise Co. Marrges
Simpson, Ella M. Rany, M. M. 9-18-1892

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