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From: "Dennis Ward" <>
Subject: TX TYNERS Born 1926-1995
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 10:29:39 -0500

Forwarded with permission
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Subject: TX TYNERS Born 1926-1995

This is really 2 files put together:
births 1926-1949: Info includes both Father & Mother names
births 1950-1995: Just baby name, date and county.
Thank the TX USGenWeb volunteer who did the original typing.
I just copy-pasted and table-ized it.

Here's to information!

Ruth Ann Harris

BIRTH RECORDS 1950 - 1995

Tyner, Cora Lynn 12-9-1950 F Austin
Tyner, Keri Diane 03-12-1986 F Austin
Tyner, Charles Curtis 11-29-1994 M Bell
Tyner, Nehemiah Reynard 9-25-1976 M Bell
Tyner, Robert Marion 10-28-1959 M Bell
Tyner, Schoride Willian 01-29-1984 M Bell
Tyner, Mackenzie Ann 01-21-1993 F Bexar
Tyner, Matthew Aaron 07-09-1981 M Bexar
Tyner, Rhonda Jacqueline 10-15-1981 F Bexar
Tyner, Robin June 10-15-1981 F Bexar
Tyner, Victoria Ann 11-26-1991 U Bexar
Tyner, Rebecca Marie 02-29-1948 F Bexar Dorthy Jean Kennedy Gene TunneyTyner
Tyner, Sylvia Sue 04-30-1944 F Bexar Willie Thelma Young GeorgeDaltonTyner
Tyner, Vicky Lynn 10-2-1950 F Bowie
Tyner, David Joe 02-08-1984 M Brazoria
Tyner, David Keith 12-27-1957 M Brazoria
Tyner, Laura Kay 12-08-1979 F Brazoria
Tyner, Julie 08-20-1954 F Brazos
Tyner, John Charles Jr. 8-5-1961 M Cameron
Tyner, Buddie Scott 3-26-1952 M Cass
Tyner, David Hartwell 09-22-1947 M Cass Margaret Josephine Pike Robert
Tyner, Edward Windell 1-25-1949 M Cass Margaret Josephine Pike Robert
Tyner, Brandon Dean 03-15-1986 M Collin
Tyner, Brandon Lee 06-23-1971 M Collin
Tyner, Corey Windsor 12-27-1981 M Collin
Tyner, James Warren 03-09-1989 M Collin
Tyner, Patsy Paulette 09-08-1955 F Collingsworth
Tyner, Anthony O'neal 06-01-1971 M Dallas
Tyner, Austin Lee 01-18-1993 M Dallas
Tyner, Caitlin Mackenzie 02-19-1994 F Dallas
Tyner, Charlie Carl 06-27-1954 M Dallas
Tyner, Dennis Ray 04-04-1983 M Dallas
Tyner, Erika Gay 5-2-1969 F Dallas
Tyner, Gage Steaphen 10-02-1995 M Dallas
Tyner, Gary Lee 9-13-1950 M Dallas
Tyner, Gary Steaphen Jr. 12-3-1969 M Dallas
Tyner, Gregory Wayne 12-18-1951 M Dallas
Tyner, Jason Carl 10-16-1975 M Dallas
Tyner, Jason Edward 3-17-1972 M Dallas
Tyner, Jeri Lynne 01-26-1953 F Dallas
Tyner, Jonathan Charles 03-25-1981 M Dallas
Tyner, Joy Latreece 01-03-1992 F Dallas
Tyner, Justin Vincent 11-20-1988 M Dallas
Tyner, Kimberly Ann 2-15-1968 F Dallas
Tyner, Kimetra Shante 03-20-1987 F Dallas
Tyner, Kristen Marie 09-19-1986 F Dallas
Tyner, Madeline Marie 10-12-1950 F Dallas
Tyner, Margaret Louise 04-01-1957 F Dallas
Tyner, Marian Annette 4-13-1952 F Dallas
Tyner, Marlena Eileen 09-07-1963 F Dallas
Tyner, Marsha Ann 10-04-1960 F Dallas
Tyner, Martha June 10-04-1960 F Dallas
Tyner, Martha Nell 08-11-1958 F Dallas
Tyner, Mary Kathryn 01-13-1960 F Dallas
Tyner, Matthew Alan 03-04-1975 M Dallas
Tyner, Melody 06-03-1962 F Dallas
Tyner, Michael Terry 10-6-1961 M Dallas
Tyner, Miranda Joyce 01-24-1980 F Dallas
Tyner, Natilie Nicole 05-27-1989 F Dallas
Tyner, Pamela Jean 10-24-1971 F Dallas
Tyner, Patricia Ann 10-12-1971 F Dallas
Tyner, Rayland Ladon 10-30-1979 M Dallas
Tyner, Robert Lee 01-06-1982 M Dallas
Tyner, Roderick Dewayne 11-08-1967 M Dallas
Tyner, Rufus Jr. 6-25-1969 M Dallas
Tyner, Scott Alan 05-03-1973 M Dallas
Tyner, Scott Michael 02-18-1989 M Dallas
Tyner, Sherry Leah 02-18-1954 F Dallas
Tyner, Thomas Andrew 02-18-1989 M Dallas
Tyner, Tonya Eilene 09-05-1973 F Dallas
Tyner, Tory Donnell 01-23-1989 M Dallas
Tyner, Tracy Denise 11-29-1970 F Dallas
Tyner, Treymaine Devante 02-05-1995 M Dallas
Tyner, John Daniel 7-24-1931 M Dallas Ella Mae Garner J. E.Tyner
Tyner, Connie Lou 5-6-1949 F Dallas Margy Pauline Middleton Samuel CarlTyner
Tyner, Ronnie Chuck 05-22-1947 M Dallas Margy Pauline Middleton Samuel
Tyner, Mitchell Albert 7-9-1941 M Dallas Elsie Christine Castleberry Willie
Tyner, D. EarlInfOf 10-17-1929 F Delta Bessie Yoakum D. EarlTyner
Tyner, Deloy Earl 8-26-1937 M Delta Bessie Yoakum EarlTyner
Tyner, John William 10-13-1940 M Delta Bessie Yokum EarlTyner
Tyner, Jr RichardInfOf 03-07-1975 F Denton
Tyner, Tracy Elizabeth 3-27-1968 F Denton
Tyner, Angela Kaye 3-9-1969 F Eastland
Tyner, Billie Jean 12-14-1963 F Eastland
Tyner, Danika Michelle 05-21-1979 F Ector
Tyner, Eric Stanley 03-06-1981 M Ector
Tyner, Judy Darleen 3-13-1951 F Ector
Tyner, Patsy Gail 12-07-1948 F Ector Anna Elizabeth Strickland Deward
Tyner, Betty Nell 11-07-1948 F Ector Dorothy Elizabeth Moore Pete
Tyner, Brandon Kyle 06-17-1989 M ElPaso
Tyner, Cynthia Lynn 11-20-1955 F ElPaso
Tyner, Gregory Lee 08-30-1975 M ElPaso
Tyner, Judy Dale 12-18-1970 F ElPaso
Tyner, Kimberly Elizabeth 03-29-1988 F ElPaso
Tyner, Mark Anthony 12-28-1979 M ElPaso
Tyner, Steven Wesley 04-19-1955 M ElPaso
Tyner, Tracey Anne 01-14-1970 F ElPaso
Tyner, Vann Barnes 12-28-1945 M ElPaso Pauline Eggleston Kenneth VannTyner
Tyner, Alva Ray 08-31-1953 M Ellis
Tyner, Benny Jack 02-17-1955 M Ellis
Tyner, David Monroe 02-01-1983 M Ellis
Tyner, Gregory Layne 10-23-1961 M Ellis
Tyner, Karen Lou 2-26-1961 F Ellis
Tyner, Kathy Jeane 09-11-1994 F Ellis
Tyner, Monica Gail 8-13-1956 F Ellis
Tyner, Steven Bradley 01-15-1985 M Ellis
Tyner, George Fred 12-4-1938 M Fisher Pansy Gregory George MenorchrisTyner
Tyner, Jimmie June 8-28-1935 F Fisher Pansy Gregory George MonordarTyner
Tyner, Hazel Lahoma 11-18-1930 F Freestone Mabel Clair Adkins J. V.Tyner
Tyner, Noble InfOf 11-4-1932 M Freestone Ida Bell Rabe NobleTyner
Tyner, Carolyn Sue 06-16-1942 F Freestone Margaret Josephine Pike Robert
Tyner, David Hoyte 1-2-1928 M Gray Radie Buecher Samuel CarlTyner
Tyner, Gary Wayne 04-15-1945 M Gray Doris Paulette Russell W. T.Tyner
Tyner, Jason Daniel 7-4-1976 M Grayson
Tyner, Archie Carl 7-30-1966 M Gregg
Tyner, Bobby O'neal 01-13-1963 M Gregg
Tyner, Brenda Jean 09-13-1958 F Gregg
Tyner, Jace Brent Jr. 01-26-1982 M Gregg
Tyner, Jay Michael 06-22-1985 M Gregg
Tyner, Jennifer Brooke 03-02-1979 F Gregg
Tyner, Jeromy Ray 06-22-1985 M Gregg
Tyner, Lena Nikkole 05-07-1984 F Gregg
Tyner, Lindsey Renee 09-24-1981 F Gregg
Tyner, Marla Gaye 07-31-1970 F Gregg
Tyner, Matthew Aaron 11-21-1979 M Gregg
Tyner, Meghan Kate 08-27-1984 F Gregg
Tyner, Natasha Cherie 09-07-1984 F Gregg
Tyner, Oleta Brittiney 08-29-1988 F Gregg
Tyner, Randall Lloyd 10-31-1968 M Gregg
Tyner, Tamara Cher' 03-27-1967 F Gregg
Tyner, Tracie Marie 06-15-1981 F Gregg
Tyner, Ty Glyn 12-29-1978 M Gregg
Tyner, Jerry Charles 02-16-1947 M Gregg Abbie Juanita Ambler Jerry OlisTyner
Tyner, James Donald 10-8-1935 M Gregg Doris Elizabeth Shelton MidDeanTyner
Tyner, Shera Lea 09-02-1947 F Gregg Dorothy Elizabeth Moore P. M.Tyner Jr.
Tyner, Wilma Lee 1-30-1936 F Gregg Thelma Lee Barker Rufus JTyner
Tyner, Anita Jean 07-17-1970 F Guadalupe
Tyner, Sara Bea 10-18-1971 F Guadalupe
Tyner, Thelma Louise 9-11-1929 F Hale Ona Barton E.Tyner
Tyner, Gerald Wayne 12-12-1942 M Hall Suda Juanita Williams James
Tyner, Amanda Joy 03-13-1978 F Harris
Tyner, Andre Donnell 12-31-1976 M Harris
Tyner, Ann Elizabeth 09-27-1964 F Harris
Tyner, Brittni Elyse 10-14-1985 F Harris
Tyner, Carl David 01-01-1981 M Harris
Tyner, Cecil James 7-4-1956 M Harris
Tyner, Christopher Alan 9-17-1974 M Harris
Tyner, Daniel Ray Jr. 11-24-1979 M Harris
Tyner, David Charles 9-20-1956 M Harris
Tyner, David Randall 09-28-1978 M Harris
Tyner, De'andre 07-06-1993 M Harris
Tyner, Derek Reid 04-01-1993 M Harris
Tyner, Donald Wayne Ii 5-19-1969 M Harris
Tyner, Eric Graham 01-07-1983 M Harris
Tyner, Gary Lynn 11-30-1958 M Harris
Tyner, Haily Nicole 05-25-1995 F Harris
Tyner, Hannah Rebecca 03-02-1990 F Harris
Tyner, Jackie Eileen 7-31-1976 F Harris
Tyner, Jeffrey Scott 04-04-1979 M Harris
Tyner, Jerad Dewayne 11-22-1987 M Harris
Tyner, Jillian Brooke 12-20-1980 F Harris
Tyner, John Michael 06-20-1958 M Harris
Tyner, Jordyn Allyse 06-29-1994 F Harris
Tyner, Kayle Neumann 12-09-1990 M Harris
Tyner, Kellie Nicole 04-01-1983 F Harris
Tyner, Kenneth Ray 10-16-1951 M Harris
Tyner, Latonya Evette 03-20-1973 F Harris
Tyner, Latoya Marie 03-08-1981 F Harris
Tyner, Maegan Nicole 11-14-1985 F Harris
Tyner, Marshall Boyd 06-18-1985 M Harris
Tyner, Melissa Ann 09-30-1979 F Harris
Tyner, Michael Andrew 09-29-1987 M Harris
Tyner, Michael Leon 04-04-1962 M Harris
Tyner, Nicole Rhea 11-27-1982 F Harris
Tyner, Pamela Diane 11-12-1973 F Harris
Tyner, Phyllis 7-27-1926 F Harris MaryTyner
Tyner, Ross Edward 05-22-1962 M Harris
Tyner, Scott Dalton 4-11-1972 M Harris
Tyner, Shaun Romel 09-06-1971 M Harris
Tyner, Shauna Renee 10-11-1979 F Harris
Tyner, Stefani Nicole 11-27-1970 F Harris
Tyner, Stuart Douglas 10-13-1970 M Harris
Tyner, Sue Frances 08-24-1954 F Harris
Tyner, Susan Elizabeth 04-02-1981 F Harris
Tyner, Tommy Davis Iii 09-08-1977 M Harris
Tyner, William David 07-23-1963 M Harris
Tyner, Barbara Ann 4-4-1938 F Harris Ila Ruth Reavins H. L.Tyner
Tyner, Catherine Ann 9-17-1934 F Harris Marjorie Ericson Harry ThomasTyner
Tyner, Harry ThomasInfOf 9-4-1932 F Harris Majorie Ericson Harry ThomasTyner
Tyner, Marian Elizabeth 11-14-1930 F Harris Marjorie Engline Ericson Harry
Tyner, Aubrey Earl 5-26-1936 M Harris Doris Sharp HarryTyner
Tyner, Hugh Leon 1-16-1940 M Harris Ila Ruth Reavis Hubert LeonTyner
Tyner, Betty Marie 07-12-1942 F Harris Ruth Reavis Hugh LeonTyner
Tyner, Warren Frank 12-5-1939 M Harris Annie Roberta Yates Warren ReedTyner
Tyner, Carrie Ann 11-22-1992 F Henderson
Tyner, Mildred Chloe 4-3-1950 F Henderson
Tyner, Robert Roy 4-11-1950 M Henderson
Tyner, Robyn Ann 02-22-1971 F Henderson
Tyner, Cola Druellyn 05-25-1947 F Henderson Bessie Sue Crawford **DeathFile
Number Exists**
Tyner, Teresa Ann 1-13-1956 F Hidalgo
Tyner, Eva Blanche 3-20-1937 F Hidalgo Edith Exer Ivey Chas. WalterTyner
Tyner, Leslie Nicole 06-19-1986 F Hopkins
Tyner, Terry Glenn 02-21-1967 M Hopkins
Tyner, Dakota Shane 10-01-1992 M Hunt
Tyner, Dalton Caleb 12-11-1990 M Hunt
Tyner, Ryan Mark 12-10-1990 M Hunt
Tyner, Zoe Anna 07-10-1947 F Hunt Hellen Ruth Roberts J. W.Tyner
Tyner, Charles Nathaniel 8-27-1940 M Hunt Kathylene Carr MathanielTyner
Tyner, Nathaniel Jr. 02-04-1942 M Hunt Mildred Kathyleen Carr NathanielTyner
Tyner, Michele Marie 02-04-1963 F Jasper
Tyner, William Harrison 10-23-1940 M Jasper Francis Eugalyn Ayers William
Tyner, Deborah Marie 06-12-1965 F Jefferson
Tyner, Miste Leigh 06-05-1981 F Jefferson
Tyner, Mitzi Dee 01-02-1955 F Jefferson
Tyner, Terry Jane 4-13-1956 F Jefferson
Tyner, Timi Louise 06-14-1967 F Jefferson
Tyner, Toby Lynn 05-20-1971 M Jefferson
Tyner, Karen Jane 10-25-1947 F Jefferson Francis Eugalyn Ayers William
Tyner, Barbara Gale 09-09-1964 F JimWells
Tyner, Eugene Wayne 9-30-1930 M Kaufman Alline Wagner Walter N.Tyner
Tyner, Catherine Lynn 04-07-1960 F Kerr
Tyner, Daniel William 4-29-1952 M Kerr
Tyner, Lori Jan 05-27-1958 F Kerr
Tyner, Michael Wade 9-3-1961 M Kerr
Tyner, Nathaniel Scott 04-17-1979 M Limestone
Tyner, Terri Kay 08-23-1954 F Limestone
Tyner, Roy Dean 02-28-1948 M Limestone Corene Turner GordanDavisTyner
Tyner, Paula Lee 03-13-1942 F Limestone LoreneFurgerson T. O.Tyner
Tyner, Christian Ray 04-30-1993 M Lubbock
Tyner, Cristine Anita 11-10-1966 F Lubbock
Tyner, Jeremy Wayne 06-03-1989 M Lubbock
Tyner, Betty Joyce 3-28-1932 F Lubbock Ona Barton EmmettTyner
Tyner, Emmett InfOf 1-9-1940 M Lubbock Ona Inez Barton EmmettTyner
Tyner, Jas. Douglas 09-02-1942 M Lubbock Ona Inez Barton EmmettTyner
Tyner, Robert Emmett 3-14-1937 M Lubbock Ona Inez Barton EmmettTyner
Tyner, Amy Michelle 11-22-1970 F McLennan
Tyner, David Orrin 08-23-1963 M McLennan
Tyner, Gordon Charles 07-08-1945 M McLennan Helen Roberts J. W.Tyner
Tyner, Gary Roderick 10-27-1938 M Midland Loraine Lewis Earl OtisTyner
Tyner, Joanna Earline 8-19-1935 F Midland Alma Lorraine Lewis Earl OtisTyner
Tyner, Linda Sue 06-12-1953 F Nacogdoches
Tyner, Mary Ann 2-23-1941 F Nacogdoches Mary HelenDennard J. R.Tyner
Tyner, Jeffrey Wayne 03-05-1964 M Navarro
Tyner, Ryan David 05-06-1989 M Navarro
Tyner, Barbara Jean 6-18-1931 F Navarro Doris E. Shelton MidDeanTyner
Tyner, Harold Preston 9-21-1932 M Navarro Doris Elizabeth Shelton
Tyner, Jon Paul 12-2-1938 M Navarro Nadine Stahl Rufus ErmonTyner
Tyner, Gene Allan 9-13-1938 M Navarro Edith Chaney Sampson EugeneTyner
Tyner, Gerald Wayne 08-16-1944 M Navarro Edythe Lyle Chaney Sampson
Tyner, Sidney InfOf 6-19-1935 F Navarro Ruth Rogers SidneyTyner
Tyner, Derrell Monroe 9-13-1937 M Navarro Lois Rogers Sydney M.Tyner
Tyner, Debra Sue 01-22-1962 F Nueces
Tyner, Maurice Rodney 7-23-1931 M Nueces Evelyn LucileDavis Maurice
Tyner, Jerry Don 11-27-1947 M Orange Jeanne Gullahorn RichardD.Tyner
Tyner, Wallace Edward 03-21-1945 M Orange Jean Elizabeth Gullahorn
Tyner, Virginia Ann 09-24-1960 F PaloPinto
Tyner, Billie Garland 9-22-1935 M PaloPinto Pearl Garland W. O.Tyner
Tyner, Brett Stephen 11-15-1967 M Parker
Tyner, Erin Noelle 12-21-1968 F Parker
Tyner, Tekoa Jean 01-09-1971 F Parker
Tyner, Diana Marie 01-15-1963 F Potter
Tyner, Lanny Wayne 06-05-1965 M Potter
Tyner, Cathy 7-4-1949 F Rusk Evelynne Etoille Reedy Hayden ErnestTyner
Tyner, Rebecca 08-12-1943 F Rusk Martha ElizabethDickerson Thomas RayTyner
Tyner, Martha Jean 4-9-1941 F Rusk Martha ElizabethDickerson Thomas RoyTyner
Tyner, Thomas Wayne 08-11-1945 M Rusk Martha ElizabethDickerson Thomas
Tyner, John JudsonTerrell 4-18-1966 M SanPatricio
Tyner, Amanda Nikole 07-19-1981 F Smith
Tyner, Amber Lynn 01-02-1980 F Smith
Tyner, Amy Katharine 5-16-1972 F Smith
Tyner, Andrew Leon 02-17-1984 M Smith
Tyner, Bryan Alan 07-27-1982 M Smith
Tyner, Carrie Marie 12-20-1954 F Smith
Tyner, Darla Ann 9-29-1968 F Smith
Tyner, Douglas Mathew 05-30-1985 M Smith
Tyner, Dwayne Earl 05-09-1953 M Smith
Tyner, Joel Wayne 3-6-1956 M Smith
Tyner, Lacey Anderson 05-29-1981 F Smith
Tyner, Mark Edward 07-10-1985 M Smith
Tyner, Melissa Elaine 04-12-1964 F Smith
Tyner, Michael Shane 02-17-1967 M Smith
Tyner, Robert WayneConner 01-27-1977 M Smith
Tyner, Ronald Dean 12-28-1960 M Smith
Tyner, Sheri Rene' 8-22-1961 F Smith
Tyner, Stacye Juanell 11-26-1962 F Smith
Tyner, Stephaney Nicole 02-08-1984 F Smith
Tyner, Tammy Lea 09-25-1963 F Smith
Tyner, Tara Marie 11-25-1982 F Smith
Tyner, James Ronald 11-14-1949 M Smith MarcelineFaye Williams **DeathFile
Number Exists**
Tyner, Gary Steaphen 8-19-1940 M Smith Ruby Eleanor Young Charlie
Tyner, Douglas Williard 09-27-1947 M Smith Anna Elizabeth Strickland Deward
Tyner, David 12-30-1945 M Smith Anna Elizabeth Strickland Duward Wm.Tyner
Tyner, Richard D. Jr. 11-11-1948 M Smith Jeanne Elizabeth Gullahorn
RichardD.Tyner Sr.
Tyner, Angelia Dee 9-2-1968 F Tarrant
Tyner, Brian Paul 12-12-1971 M Tarrant
Tyner, Cathryn Jo 05-13-1954 F Tarrant
Tyner, Chaney Elizabeth 05-20-1989 F Tarrant
Tyner, Donna Lynn 12-25-1971 F Tarrant
Tyner, George David Iii 01-30-1981 M Tarrant
Tyner, Hunter Wilson 10-10-1994 M Tarrant
Tyner, Jason Renyt 04-23-1977 M Tarrant
Tyner, Jeanne Marie 04-08-1967 F Tarrant
Tyner, Jennifer Deanne 1-10-1969 F Tarrant
Tyner, Jill Lynn 01-04-1967 F Tarrant
Tyner, Kevin Grant 3-30-1974 M Tarrant
Tyner, Lisa Renee 12-07-1970 F Tarrant
Tyner, Mark Wilson 8-15-1961 M Tarrant
Tyner, Rebekkah Nicole 01-20-1978 F Tarrant
Tyner, Sarah Lynell 10-12-1984 F Tarrant
Tyner, Sharon Kay 10-18-1951 F Tarrant
Tyner, Steven Paul 9-20-1969 M Tarrant
Tyner, Tamara Lynne 02-08-1975 F Tarrant
Tyner, Terry Glenn Jr 07-25-1991 U Tarrant
Tyner, Margaret Ann 11-23-1949 F Tarrant Shirley Ann Harvey DavidTyner
Tyner, Paul Grant 4-25-1949 M Tarrant Joy Normalene Shockley Paul
Tyner, Russell Allen 3-15-1959 M Taylor
Tyner, Heather Annette 10-08-1963 F TomGreen
Tyner, Christopher Deewitt 01-07-1975 M Travis
Tyner, Cody Adin 04-20-1993 M Travis
Tyner, Heather Christine 08-08-1995 F Travis
Tyner, James Dewitt 07-14-1955 M Travis
Tyner, Jamie Anne 02-24-1977 F Travis
Tyner, Jasmine Rebecca 03-05-1981 F Travis
Tyner, Kenneth Earl Jr 05-10-1993 M Travis
Tyner, Sherman Lee 07-20-1965 M Travis
Tyner, Travis Michael 01-29-1985 M Travis
Tyner, William Boyd 9-14-1956 M Travis
Tyner, Kenneth Glenn 05-27-1973 M Webb
Tyner, Alecia Gayle 02-16-1967 F Wichita
Tyner, Brandi Adele 11-04-1979 F Wichita
Tyner, Connie Sue 11-16-1950 F Wichita
Tyner, Elizabeth Ann 10-28-1970 F Wichita
Tyner, Heather Mae 06-09-1987 F Wichita
Tyner, Kari April 06-22-1981 F Wichita
Tyner, Kelsey Lynn 06-27-1995 F Wichita
Tyner, Walter Lee 10-25-1990 M Wichita
Tyner, Donald Wayne 08-16-1947 M Wichita May Maxine Kennedy Walter
Tyner, Jack 12-21-1932 M Willacy Edith Ivey C. W.Tyner
Tyner, Cameron Paul 12-31-1991 U Wise
Tyner, Kallie Michelle 05-16-1994 F Wise
Tyner, Tonya Nell 9-4-1966 F Wood

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