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Subject: Passengers on RESTORATION 1825
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 22:06:30 -0500 (EST)

[Copied from The Sloopers, Their Ancestry and Posterity by J. Hart Rosdail]


An official passenger list for the Sloop Restoration has still not been
found. This is in spite of extensive research by both the author and
previous historians, in the archives of New York, Washington, and elsewhere.
However research does seem to confirm the following 50 names out of the
traditional list of 53 carefully compiled by Anderson in 1895.

1.Lars Larsen Jeilane [Lars Larson]
2.Martha Jorgensdatter [Martha Larson]
3.Margaret Allen Larsdatter [Margaret Larson Atwater]
4.Cornelius Nilsen Hersdal [Cornelius Nelson]
5.Kari Pedersdatter [Carrie Nelson]
6.Anne Corneliusdatter [Susan Anne Nelson Lake Lightfoot]
7.Nils Corneliusen [Nels Houen] [Nels Nelson Jr.]
8.Inger Corneliusdatter [Inger M. Nelson Mitchell]
9.Martha Karine Corneliusdatter [Martha Nelson Fellows]
10.Johannes Jacobsen Steine [Soledal or Suldal] [ Johannes Steen]
11.Martha Svendsdatter [Martha Steen]
12.Martha Helene Johannesdatter [Martha Helen Steen Heffron]
13.Aanen Toresen Brastad [Oyen Thompson]
14.Bertha Karine Aadnesdatter [Bertha Caroline Thompson]
15.Sara Aanensdatter [Sarah Thompson Olmstead Richey]
16.Anne Marie Kristine Aanensdatter [Anna Marie Thompson Richey]
17.Berta Karine Aanensdatter [Caroline Thompson]
18.Daniel Stensen Rossedal [Daniel Rosdail]
19.Britha Johanne Ovesdatter [Bertha or Betsy Rosdail]
20.Elen Danielsdatter [Ellen Rosdail Cothrien]
21.Ove Danielsen [Ovee Rosdail]
22.John Danielsen [John Rosdail]
23.Lars Danielsen [Lars Rosdail]
24.Helga Huldah Danielsdatter [Hulda Rosdail Olson]
25.Tormod Jensen Madland [Tormod Hole] [Thormod or Thomas Madland]
26.Siri Iversdatter [Siri Madland]
27.Rakel Tormodsdatter [Rachel Madland Olson or Helland]
28.Guri Tormodsdatter [Gurine or Julia Madland Hougas]
29.Serine Tormodsdatter [Serena Madland Anderson]

The prededing 6 families were the owners of the Sloop, Johannes Steen being
the principal owner.

30.Simon Pedersen Lihme [Simon Lima]
31.Maren Karine Storchersdatter [Maren Lima]
32.Greta Bergithe Simonsdatter
33.Severine Marie Simonsdatter
34.Simon Simonsen
35.Nils Nilsen Hersdal [Nels Nelson]
36.Britha Christophersdatter [Bertha or Betsy Nelson]
37.Jacob Andersen Slogvik [Jacob Anderson]
38.Siri Larsdatter Jeilane [Sara Larson]
39.Henrik Christophersen Hervik [Henry Harwick]
40.Bertha ____sdatter [Bertha Harwick]
41.Ole Jonsen Eide [Ole Johnson]
42.Gudmund Danielsen Haukaas [Gudmund Hougas]
43.Torstein Olsen Bjorland [Bjaadland] [Thorstein Olson]
44.Jorgen Johnsen Hesja [George Johnson]
45.Endre Salvesen Dahl [Andrew Dahl] [Andrew S. Anderson]
46.Halvor Iversen Reveim [Revheim] [Halvor Iverson]
47.Niels Toresen Brastad [Nels Thompson]
48.Ole Olsen Hetletveit [Hetletvedt] [Ole Olson]
49.Lars Olsen Helland [Lars Olson or Lars Helland]
50.Peder Eriksen Meland

There are three people remaining on Anderson's list: Sven Johannessen who did
not immigrate; Andrew Stangeland, who came with Cleng Peerson in 1824; and
Knud Anderson Slogvik, who probably came in 1829.

[The above reference to Anderson may be Rasmus B Anderson's The First Chapter
of Norwegian Immigration [1821-1840] Madison, Wisconsin, 1906

Speculation about who the 3 remaining passengers were, led the author to
suggest possibly Knud Anderson Slogvik may have been on the boat after all
and one couple which returned to Norway in 1826 and their names forgotten
which stems from a statement made by Sarah Richey to a local newspaper in

A fine by New York Customs stated 45 passengers [excluding an infant born on
the trip] and a crew of 7, etc., etc..]

I thought perhaps this was the best way to eliminate many messages about
ancestors who are not on this list.

Gilda Kinzer []

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