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From: "Linda Spivey Bjorklund" <>
Subject: [TSL] Norway to New York
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 03:20:34 -0800

From: Linda Spivey-Bjorklund <>

Hi everyone,

I'm back again. I submitted information before and received a wonderful
response and I thank all those who helped in locating the information for
us. Since then I have received information from Sweden on the Bjorklund
family and now I am in search of my husband's gg uncles information.

Previously I requested information Robert Bjorklund and was given the
information of his and his family's arrival in Ellis Island in 1924. His
father's name was given, Johan Robert Bjorklund and his brother, John
Bjorklund. We were told that it appeared their mother came but the
information was lost during the electronic retrieval or something to that

I have received the information on Robert's mother. Her names was Alma
Josefine Lund (Lunde) and she was born Jan. 31, 1895 in Bergen. Her
father's names was Ole Rognaldsen Lunde, b 1852 and her mother was Oline
madsdatter. Alma had two brothers who came to the USA and those are the
ones I am looking for information on. I would like to know how to enter
their names somewheres and find out when they came over, when they arrived,
who came with them and on what Ship they sailed on. Their names were
Richard Lunde and Mathias Lunde. In 1912 Alma and her other brother Sigurd
were living with their mother at Sydnesgate 21 so they would have had to
left her home by then. I do not know when they came to the United States
but I would like to find out. Any information anyone can supply me with
will be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance.

Linda (in Oregon)

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