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From: RevAnnaMom <>
Subject: [TSL] Length of an ocean voyage?
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 14:46:37 EDT

First, thanks for all the information on my gmother's ship - SSPresident
Harding. It was great to learn about the history & fate of this ship, & all
the info!

I'm now trying to track down some of my gfather's voyages. Knowing how long an
average ocean voyage took will help me to sort of back into his date of
departure from NY>Cherbourg (mid-Dec, 1924), then his return trip Bremen>NY
(late May, 1925). His passport has visa stamps dated Dec 3-5 from consulates
in NY. He received his first passport stamp on Dec 12 in Cherbourg.

His return voyage was, I assume, from Bremen - passport stamped 5/28/1925 in
that city. I'm trying to approximate an arrival date in NY for him.

It seemed strange that he'd travel to Cherbourg, then take the train to what
was formerly Transylvania, now Romania, rather than stay on his ship until
Bremen & then take the train. My guess is that, since he was getting married
in Transylvania on Dec 20, 8 days after arriving in Cherbourg, it was faster
to go this route rather than wait for the ship to travel to Bremen, then take
the train. Any ideas on how long it took for a ship to get from Cherbourg to
Bremen to see if my theory holds out?

Can anyone tell me the general length of an ocean voyage from NY to Cherbourg,
from Cherbourg to Bremen, then Bremen to NY? Does anyone know what ship lines
traveled NY>Cherbourg? Would it have been possible for him to book passage on
one line going to Europe, then a different one on the way home?

Thanks for any help you can give me! Anna Souto

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