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From: Gery and Sue Swiggum< >
Subject: Re: [TSL] Cost of Passage
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 02:39:57 -0300

Hi Chuck,

At 08:39 PM 8/24/98 -0700, Chuck Knuthson wrote:
>Does anyone have an idea of the cost of passage from England (Liverpool)
>to America and from Germany (Hamburg) to America in the mid-1800s? In
>1900? To Australia?

This could vary pretty wildly. There were "price wars" even in the 1870's
to mid to late 1800's!! <g>

ca. 1870, 1st and 2nd cabin prices from Liverpool to New York could range
15 to 20 + Guineas [one Guinea = £1.01 shilling], Steerage about £5.00.
This, [steerage] dropped to about £2.00 in the mid 1880's.

Hamburg to New York ca. late 1870's was "First cabin" $100.00 gold, and
"Second cabin" $60.00 gold via Hamburg-American Packet Company. At the
same time, Liverpool, London or Queenstown to New York were 10, 12, and 15
Guineas, according to accommodation, via National Line.

To Australia from England, the fares ranged, depending on the company and
the ship, here are some 1888 examples;
To Sydney: 1st. £52 to £70, 2nd. £30 to £42, 3rd. £16 to £21.

I hope this helps a little,


Sue & Gery Swiggum
co-owners TheShipsList©

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