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Subject: Re: [TSL] S.S. Kaiser Franz Joseph I
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 14:42:58 +0100

Hi Vince,

This was the KAISER FRANZ JOSEF I (first) built for Unione Austriaca of
Trieste in 1911 by Cantiere Navale Triestino, Monfalcone (engines by D.
Rowan & Co, Glasgow.) This was a 12,567 gross ton ship, length 477.5ft x
beam 60.2ft, two funnels, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 17 knots.
There was accommodation for 125-1st, 550-2nd and 1,230-3rd class passengers.
Launched on 9th Sep.1911, she sailed from Trieste on her maiden voyage to
Buenos Aires in Feb.1912. On 25th May 1912 she commenced her first voyage
between Trieste, Patras, Palermo, Algiers and New York. Her last voyage on
this service started 13th Jun.1914 and she was then laid up in Trieste for
the duration of the Great War. After Trieste had been ceded to Italy, the
company was re-established and registered as an Italian company under the
name Cosulich Societa Triestina di Navigazione. The ship was renamed
"Presidente Wilson" and started her first post-war voyage from Genoa to
Marseilles and New York on 5th May 1919, mostly with troops. On 24th
Jun.1919 she resumed Trieste - Naples - Messina - New York sailings, was
converted from coal to oil fuel in 1925-6, and commenced her last Trieste -
Naples - New York - Boston - Naples - Trieste sailing in Nov.1929. Sold to
Lloyd Triestino in 1930 and renamed "Gange", she ran between Trieste and Far
East ports until 1936 when she transferred to Adriatica Line, Trieste and
was renamed "Marco Polo". Refitted and modernised, she was used on the
Venice - Alexandria service. Following the Italian capitulation in 1943, she
was taken over by German owners and on May 12th 1944 was sunk as a blockship
in La Spezia harbour. Raised in 1949/50 and scrapped. [Great Passenger Ships
of the World by Arnold Kludas, vol.1,p.198][North Atlantic Seaway by
N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.3,p.1332]

There are four excellent pictures of the ship at various stages of her
career in Great Passenger Ships of the World by Kludas, vol.1 ISBN 0-85059-174-0

Also, try these for photos -

Steamship Historical Society of America, Langsdale Library, University of
Baltimore, 1420 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore MD, 21201.
Ship Photos;


At 13:26 16/10/98 EDT, wrote:
>I am looking for information on the passenger ship S.S. Kaiser Franz Joseph J.
>I am mainly looking for pictures,tonnage, size,ect. The NARA ha informed me
>that my ggreat-grand parents arrive in N.Y. on Januarary 18, 1914. I have
>tried the public libraries and some shipping web sites but could not find much
>Vince Licata
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