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From: (Sue Swiggum)
Subject: [TSL] addendum to 1920 NY arrivals
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 15:40:59 -0400

I have found the persons named in the affidavits I posted last evening, and
it shows how imaginative you may have to be when searching passenger lists
for family names. All those I found were aboard FINLAND (REDS) Red Star
Line, from Antwerp, Belgium 1920-04-28 arriving New York, NY 1920-05-09.
These particular passengers were destined to Canada. I am posting extracts
from the petitions and then the way the family is represented on the
FINLAND passenger list.

<< I, Sam Gwiazda .... in the matter of Reizel Gwiazda, Mausche, Yosel, now
in Warshaw, Poland. .... That I am a Canadian Citizen .... I came to Canada
from Hamburg to Halifax 30th July 1913, on the vessel PATRICIA, under the
name Schmiel Gwiazda .. etc.>>


<< I, Sam Naiman .... in the matter of my wife Braindlia Najman, and my
children, Dwoira, Itcha, Yankel, Aron, and Laja-Charna, now in Chenchin,
Gub., Kielce, Poland .... That I have applied for naturalization papers and
that I expect to get them soon .... That I came to Canada in September
1912, entering at the port of Halifax from Rotterdam on the vessel URANIA
(he meant URANIUM), under the name of Szloime Najman.>>

NEUMAN, Brundle 42
NEUMAN, Dwoire 17
NEUMAN, Hzey ! 12
NEUMAN, Janhel 11
NEUMAN, Aaron 9
NEUMAN, Lui ! 7

<< I Boruch Hershberg .... in the matter of my wife, Szeindlia Hershberg,
and my children, Malia, and Markul, now in Kielce, Poland .... That I have
applied for naturalization papers and that I expect to get them soon ....
That I came to Canada on 7th of July 1913, entering at the port of Quebec
from Antwerp on the vessel MONTREAL under the same name.>>

SCHENDLER, Husberg 28
SCHENDLER, Marcus 28 !!!!
SCHENDLER, Mala 28 !!!!

Since last evening I found another affidavit by a Sam ROTTENBERG dated in
1919. It doesn't say when he arrived, but that he had naturalized October
24th 1917. Sam states he had purchased a Holland-America Line ticket for
his family. He names his family as Sarah Leah Rottenberg, 48, daughter
Rifka, 11 and sons Samuel, 9 and Leibel, 7. This is how they appear on the
Red Star Line FINLAND passenger list.


NONE of these adult women were able to read or write, although some of the
children could. It is unlikely the children would have been involved in
the recording of the names on the passenger list, so the purser had to rely
on information received from the illiterate mothers. Although these
records above are filed with Canadian immigration, they do show how the
"MYTH" has evolved about _name change at Ellis Island_. It also
illustrates how creative you have to be when searching a passenger index,
and that a "no-find" might only indicate you haven't tried enough possible
spellings, and how even first and last names can sometimes be transposed.
Bear in mind that these are a handful of examples, all on the same ship.
Just imagine how many similar errors might be found (or not) when you
multiply the numbers of ships by many thousands, and the number of
immigrants by millions.

Sue & Gery Swiggum
co-owners TheShipsList©

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