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From: (Sue Swiggum)
Subject: Re: [TSL] Allan Line ships
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 17:46:24 -0400
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At 01:56 PM 2001-03-23 -0600, kaz wrote:
>I am very new to this searching "stuff" so if I say anything wrong please
>forgive me.
>I was told my ggrandfather came over from Norway on the Allan line. How or
>where do I go to look to find the name of the ship?
>A kind and thoughtful friend found this for me.
>Jacob Pedersen Hillestad emigrated from Bergen on July 23, 1891. His
>residence was in Hafslo:
>Could someone tell me what the rest of this means:
>**29084 Harbour: Bergen No. 1296 Year 1891
>** Line 00 Allan
>Thank-you for any assisstance you may help me with. I appreciate it in this
>learning process for me.

Hi Kim,

Jacob would have taken a "feeder ship" to Hull, England. Probably on one
of these Wilson Line ships .. JUNO, HERO, DOMINO or BRAVO. On the SS&A we
haven't had time to check the Bergen (or other west coast ports) sailing
schedules. But you can check Wilson Line, and their ships and articles
about transmigration through Hull ...
Solem, Swiggum & Austheim - Emigration from Norway - SS&A

There is a good chance that this is the Allan Line ship he embarked on at

Reel # Ship Name Departure Arrival
C-4538 SARDINIAN Liverpool, England 1891-07-30
Londonderry, Ireland 1891-07-31 Quebec, Que. 1891-08-08
(MTL) Montreal Ocean Steamship Company (Allan Line) List Number: 45
(J): Boys from Red Hill Reformatory to Waterville, Quebec & (J): Rev. Mr.
Fyles' boys

The passenger manifest is on Microfilm at the National Archives of Canada
[NAC], in Ottawa. The Ships are placed on the reel, in order of arrival.
You can borrow this reel on an Inter Library Loan [ILL]. You can find the
details for this procedure at this NAC Genealogy Research URL
You are also able to ILL from Ottawa, to libraries in the US, and outside
North America. These microfilms contain arrivals from ALL ports, they are
not indexed. The LDS do also have copies of this microfilm, their number .....
LDS number 0889461 ~ 1890 to 1891 ~ port of Quebec

Good Luck,


Sue & Gery Swiggum
co-owners TheShipsList©

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