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From: (Sue Swiggum)
Subject: Re: [TSL] Liverpool to Canada on the SS Southwark - 1911 HELP needed!
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 18:19:24 -0400
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At 04:02 PM 2001-03-25 +0100, Brenda Mooney wrote:
>Hi to all listers,
>I am looking for any information that will give me the whereabouts of a
>G. Uncle DAVID BANE.He travelled with my Granfather on the SS SOUTHWARK,
>they departed from Liverpool and I have my Grandfathers inspection card for
>immigration April 22nd 1911 and arrived in QUEBEC May 4th 1911. David
>originally was from GORLESTON, SUFFOLK. And, he never returned.
>Any leads or suggestions as to where to start with this a most welcome

Hi Brenda & Ian,

Reel # Ship Name Departure Arrival
T-4774 SOUTHWARK Liverpool, England 1911-04-22 Quebec, Que. 1911-05-04
(WSD) White Star Line/White Star-Dominion Line, Liverpool Main List
T-5536 SOUTHWARK Liverpool, England 1911-04-22 Quebec, Que. 1911-05-04
(WSD) White Star Line/White Star-Dominion Line, Liverpool Manifest Index

Your information about the ship is spot-on. In a Canadian passenger list
of this period, you may only learn "Post Office" and Province of
destination. I have included the "Manifest Index" microfilm number for the
same record, which was an alphabetical list created by Canadian Immigration
_after_ arrival, as well as the passenger list microfilm number "Main List"
but I can't promise there will be more or less information in one or the
other. Unfortunately these have not been copied by the LDS, so the only
was to borrow the film(s) is from Ottawa. Your library in England will be
able to bring them in for you .. free of charge, just return postage.

The passenger manifest is on Microfilm at the National Archives of Canada
[NAC], in Ottawa. The Ships are placed on the reel, in order of arrival.
You can borrow this reel on an Inter Library Loan [ILL]. You can find the
details for this procedure at this NAC Genealogy Research URL
You are also able to ILL from Ottawa, to libraries in the US, and outside
North America. These microfilms contain arrivals from ALL ports, they are
not indexed. The LDS do not currently have copies of the post-1900 Canadian

If you think he stayed in Canada, have you looked for descendents?
There aren't too many phone numbers/addresses for the spelling BANE. They
stretched from Prince Edward Island (one) to British Columbia (one) with
the rest in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.

One other thing. There are British "Outbound" lists too, but they are
unfilmed, and are located at Kew. If you aren't near there, you will have
to hire a researcher. I have never seen one, so I don't know how much
information they may contain about destination.

You didn't mention his age. Might he have been a "Home Child" or was he
already adult?

Best of luck!

Sue & Gery Swiggum
co-owners TheShipsList©

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