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From: "Antonette Di Fillipo Long" <>
Subject: [TSL] Re:**Sorry non-rich text - Not so bad (was;Bad News for EllisIs. users)
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 14:27:36 -0000

Sorry, I shoulldn't have sent this as rich text.

Dear Glen and Listers,

I have also been one of the lucky ones in getting through the web site, I
might have a little tip maybe not known yet.

***When you reach the page where the site has found the names of what you
are researching, click on one of the names, after that page comes up, on the
left side of the page are 'EDIT' buttons, click on 'NAME EDIT'. This will
bring you to a page where it offers different spellings that you check off
so the site will check for more variations***.

The only problem I've had is that without the 'extra' searches, there is
over 2000 surnames of DiFilippo, DiFillipo, and DeFilippos'( It does check
these 3 different spellings automatically), which takes a lot of time to
find and load as it is. So alas, I have not been able to wait the amount of
time it takes for the site to locate these (over 10 more variations)'Extra'
names before the Border Manager takes over. Oh well, Never Give Up!

I hope this helps someone. Good luck!

Ciao, Antonette

***Researching Surnames; DiFillipo, DiFilippo, DeFilippo, Zambrano, Leo,
Rinaldo.*** ***Comune of Siano, Province of Salerno, Italy ***

>>>>>From: "Glen Johnson"
>Subject: [TSL] Bad News for EllisIsland website users Date: Mon, 23 Apr
>2001 19:46:10 -0400
>If you run some test searches I think you will find, as I have, that the
>indexes are totally unforgiving -- and don't support wildcards. So you have
>to know EXACTLY what to look for or you will come up empty, or worse -- you
>will come up with the wrong person. Nor do the site's indexes implement
>So -- if you try every permutation of your ancestor's name that you can
>think of, maybe you will succeed. For all of the fanfare and hoopla over
>the EllisIsland website, the NARA index is probably still a superior tool.
>With time I hope that the indexes will be made more flexible and that
>Soundex searches will be implemented. >>>>
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