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From: Marj Kohli <>
Subject: [TSL] First ship to Quebec in 1813-1831
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 15:56:15 -0500

We are always telling people that ships cannot get to Quebec when the St.
Lawrence River freezes. Here is a list of the first arrival of each year
from 1813-1831 which will show you when the ice broke up in each of those
years. Notice 1827 and 1831 -- that year they reported very short voyages
[must have been global warming even back then ;-} ] The note about the
steamships refers to those carrying passengers from Quebec to Montreal not
across the ocean.

From the Montreal Gazette of May 7, 1832 (info is: date, vessel,
master,length of voyage)

Statement, shewing the time of the first arrival at Quebec, since 1813
1813, May 5--H.M.S. Woolwich, 5 weeks from Portsmouth
1814, May 8--Schr. Hiram, Pye, 27th April from Halifax
1815, May 10--Ship Hope, Banner, 45 days from Alicant
1816, May 12--Ship Glory, Sands, 42 days from Liverpool,--met much ice
1817, May 13--Ship Fame, Minet, 25th March from Hull, much ice
1818, May 7--Brig Patriot, Anderson, 38 days from Aberdeen
1819, May 1--Brig Patriot, Anderson, 35 days from Aberdeen--saw ice
1820, May 9--Brig Royal Charlotte, Hobson, 50 days from Alicant,--saw ice
1821, May 8--Brig Southampton, White, 30 days from Grenada--saw ice
1822, April 27--Brig Mary, Morphey, 20 March from St. Vincents--not much ice
1823, May 9--Brig Hugh, Greig, 27th March from Belfast
1824, May 1--Bark Europe, Willis, 25th March from London
1825, April 24--Ship Perseverance, Egg, 29th March from London/Plymouth
1826, April 25--Bark Walrus, Wright, 18th March from London
1827, April 30--Brig Quebec Packet, Anderson, 2d April, from Aberdeen--no
ice [Passenges of 19 to 26 days]
1828, May 9--Brig Gaspe, Boneyman, 4th April from Gibraltar--little ice
1829, May 2--Brig Ann, Eliza & Jane, Reid, 23d March from Bristol--ice
1830, April 26--Ship Unicorn, Troup, 31st March from Liverpool--little ice
1831, April 16--Brig Nemesis, Rosllons, 24th March from Poole--no ice--very
short passages

In 1821 the first Steamboat arrived at Quebec, on the 3d of May, and from
that time to the present year, Steamers have arrived here from Montreal in


Marjorie Kohli
Waterloo, ON Canada

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