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From: Sue Swiggum <>
Subject: Re: [TSL] Hedstrom family
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:26:17 -0400
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Wally, what do you mean by <<I have checked all the American and Canadian
ports with no success.>> ? Are you just referring to *online* passengers
lists? We might *wish* that every available passenger list was online, but
unfortunately, what we find online is simply a drop in the bucket. It is
certainly not an impossible task, as they would be listed as Swedish, which
speeds things up. In the earlier days, they would have been listed as
"foreign" only, which means you would have to read every name for all
"non-British" passengers.

There is no easy way to research Canadian Passenger arrivals during this
period, as those are unindexed, so the only recourse is to read microfilm
.... LOTS of it. The Cloverdale Branch of the Surrey Public Library in
Surrey, BC do have copies of the microfilm(s) though. Check here for the
number of films for the period:-

Passenger lists by Port - 1865-1935 - Microfilm reels

I don't know why you believe that "steerage pasengers" wouldn't be listed.
Steerage comprised MOST of the passenger arrivals, and YES, they will be
listed. You might have to be creative with their names, eg. Pehr might be
listed as Pehr, Per, Peter, Peder ... etc. so key on ages too. He may or
may not be listed by "Hedstrom" and may be listed with his patronym
(father's name ....son/sson) The family should be easier to find because
of four persons, but may be listed as Pehrson (or variation). If you
request a look-up of the Swedish Emigration CD (I don't have one ...
US$300.00+) you might learn an emigration date, and an Agent name (maybe
Sweden-L can help). The Agent name might help with the shipping line he
represented (if I have that info) and combined with the date(s), might
zero us in on the ship/date of arrival.

Where does the "Robert Pulsford" fit in? No ship by that name filed a
passenger list in Canada.

Good luck!


At 11:18 AM 2002-02-19 -0800, wally whiteside wrote:
>Good morning everyone,
>I am looking for the Hedstrom family from Stockholm. The father, Pehr
>Axel Hedstrom arrived in Canada in 1908. The mother, Kristina Elizabet
>and three children: Iaina Petrina Estrid, Ragner Ossian and Danny
>Kristina, arrived in Canada in 1910. They settled in British Columbia.
>I have checked all the American and Canadian ports with no success.
>They probably came steerage and would not be shown on the passenger
>list. I know it is like looking for the proberbial needle in the
>proverbial haystack but, sometimes one gets lucky!
>Would sks have any information on the ship 'Robert Pulsford?'
>Wally Whiteside
>West Vancouver BC

Sue & Gery Swiggum
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