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From: Ron Mapplebeck <>
Subject: Re: [TSL] Steamships/ Elder Dempster Line
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 18:01:45 +0000
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I have received the following from Derek Bailey of the Elder Dempster
Pensioners' Association:
Regretably it is not possible to trace individual seamen through Elder
Dempster records which were largely destroyed by fire when the company's
Liverpool office was bombed in the war.
Ted Finch has given you details of a ship named DOURO torpedoed in WW1 -
is that the right period? If it was instead WW2, then Derek Bailey
suggests the Elder Dempster ship DARU, details as follows:

DARU 1927 - 1941

O.N. 149652
'D' Class
Steel single screw motorship, two decks & shelter deck.
355.4' x 49.2' x 22.4' 2016 net, 3839 gross, 5870 dwt.
Built by A. McMillan & Son, Dumbarton, Yard No. 737, For British and
African Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. Registered Liverpool.
B&W Oil Engine 4SCSA 6Cyl. by Harland & Wolff Ltd. Glasgow. 489 bhp, 10
Passenger accommodation, 12 first class.

1927December, completed.
1933May, transferred to Elder Dempster Lines Ltd.
19402127 net, 3894 gross.
194119th May. In collision with s.s. BEECHVILLE in Loch Ewe.
15th September (Capt. W. Rowlands), bombed and sunk in position
51°.56'N, 05°.58'W
while bound for Liverpool from Douala and Sherbro with West African
She was sunk when convoy HG72 was attacked by aircraft of Gruppe 406,
Luftflotte 3. She was hit forward in a dive-bomb attack by one of two
250 kg. or 500 kg. HE bombs (reports differ on the size of the bombs)
and set on fire, the other bomb having holed Daru forward when exploding
just off the starboard side, resulting in a heavy list and the loss of
the ship. No lives were lost.
Daru is a district of Sierra Leone.

He has also sent me a photo of this ship which I will be pleased to pass
on to you and anyone else interested.

Ron Mapplebeck
Middlesbrough, U.K.
Ted Finch wrote:
> Christine,
> There is a guide to tracing records of 20th century seamen at
> Click on United Kingdom / Merchant Navy. You should also read the article on
> "Logs, agreements and crew lists" at the same site.
> I suspect that your ship was the DOURO, here are details
> 1,603 gross tons, length 255ft x beam 34.6ft, one funnel, two masts, single
> screw, speed 9 knots. Built by Wm.Doxford & Sons, Sunderland, she was
> completed in Dec.1881 as the CONGELLA for Bullard, King & Co. Sold to
> Ellerman & Papayanni Line in 1910 and renamed DOURO. On 5th Sep.1915 she was
> captured and sunk by gunfire in the Atlantic 79 miles SW x W from Bishop
> Rock in position 48.55N 07.48W by the German submarine U.20 while en route
> the Clyde to Port Natal with general cargo. [Merchant Fleets vol.16 by
> Duncan Haws] [British Merchant Ships Sunk by U-Boats in the 1914-1918 War by
> A. J. Tennent]
> Hope this helps
> Ted
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Christine Beyga <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 8:24 PM
> Subject: [TSL] Steamships/ Elder Dempster Line
> > I am trying to find my husbands Grandfather Joseph Beyga, we can find no
> > record of him in any lists!! We have tried all the records at Southampton
> > UK, although he did marry in Liverpool in 1914, we can find no trace of
> him
> > all we know is that he was a seaman for the Elder Dempster and Ellermans
> > Lines and also that he was on a ship that was torpedoed, my father in law
> > insists this ship was called the DORO, we cannot find any trace of that,
> > although we did find a DORA that was hit by a torpedo but that was an
> > American Steamship, I am sooooo frustrated by constantly hitting a brick
> > wall!! Can any one advise or help me?
> > Many Thanks in anticipation
> >
> > Christine Beyga
> >
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