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From: Sue Swiggum <>
Subject: Re: [TSL] Scandinavian-Belgium>QuebecqCanada>USA-May1920
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 08:53:14 -0300
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At 10:17 PM 2003-05-29 -0400, Mary Bennett wrote:
>Can someone tell me how to find ship records about my grandparents who
>imigrated from Belgium to the USA.
>Their names were Henricus Vroman b. 16 Aug 1879 Wingene,Belgium his wife
>Maria Prudentia(Wyckhuys)Vroman b.30 Nov 1890 Ruiselede, Belgium two
>children were traveling with them Andre and Jose. On the back of their
>papers it says they were seen at the American Consulate in Ghent, Belgium
>on May 14 1920. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello Mary,

You are fortunate, as you will be able to obtain this Canadian record, as
well as the US passenger list filed at the CAN-US border port.

Reel # Ship Name Departure Arrival
T-14705 SCANDINAVIAN Antwerp, Belgium 1920-05-18 Quebec, Que. 1920-05-29
Southampton, England
1920-05-19 Montreal, Que. 1920-05-30
Shipping Line
(CPOS) Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Ltd. / Allan Line, Liverpool, U.K.
(See also Allan Line)
Master: E. Griffiths

The passenger manifest is on Microfilm at the National Archives of Canada
[NAC], in Ottawa. The Ships are placed on the reel, in order of arrival.
You can borrow these reels on an Inter Library Loan [ILL]. You can find the
details for this procedure at this NAC Genealogy Research URL
You are also able to ILL from Ottawa, to libraries in the US, and outside
North America. These microfilms contain arrivals from ALL ports, they are
not indexed. These films are available onsite at the NAC in Ottawa, and
also at the North York Central Branch of the Toronto Public Library,
Toronto, Ontario (North York now has ALL, up to 1935, including the Form
30A records)

Alternatively, as you already know the ship name, arrival date and port,
you are also able to request photocopies of the passenger list from the
NAC. You will find details of how to submit a request, by mail, email or by
Fax. Quote all the ship details, the ports/dates, the microfilm number and the
Record Group which is_RG 76_

The information included on the Canadian manifest, for US destined
passengers will be limited, so to get a "matched set" you should also find
the St. Albans record of their arrival.
As they were destined to the US via Canada, there should be a CAN-US
passenger list / border entry record. The St. Albans Lists. Visit this
NARA website to read this great Prologue Article ....
--By Way of Canada-- (since NARA changed their links, it is easier to
access from TheShipsList website link .. it is the one at the

The LDS have copies of the St. Albans records. From this site...
... you might have to consult the Index first to learn which Border port,
which will point you to the correct manifest film here...

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