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From: Sue Swiggum <>
Subject: Re: [TSL] OE is removing unsafe attachments
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 21:19:36 -0400
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At 06:25 PM 2005-01-28 -0500, S. Bearer wrote:
>I used to be able to see these ship records. Since my computer crashed I am
>getting messages that say: OE removed access to the following unsafe
>attachments in your mail. Does anyone know why and what I can do about it
>so that I can see these records again. Thanks for any help.

Hi "S" yes I can, and I'm copying this to the list in case anyone else is
having similar problems.

After your crash you likely loaded OE (Outlook Express) again so it would
be at default settings, which deny any "attachment" at all. The Digest is
_not_ an attachment, however, OE displays it that way :-{ Those of us who
don't use OE receive our Digests as they are sent . . plain text, inline.

Often when an updated Windows security patch is downloaded, it also reverts
OE to default settings as well. You need to go into the settings for OE
and uncheck the box about removing *possible* unsafe attachments if you
want to continue in digest mode. There is nothing UNSAFE about the digest
attachments--it is just OE's default setting that needs to be changed to
receive them.

Hope this helps,

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