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From: "Olive Tree Genealogy" <>
Subject: Re: [TSL] Ireland>Canada 1854-1859/1871 Census
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 07:56:29 -0500
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On 6 Mar 2006 at 6:45, johanna hardy wrote:

> The 1871 Census gives more details than just the head of the
> family.

> >From: "june harvey" <>
> >To:
> >
> >William H. G. COLLES b. abt.1806 in Ireland immigrated to
> >Canada between 1854, the year his last son was born in
> >Ireland (that I know of), and 1859 when he bought land in
> >Bentinck, Grey County, Ontario.
> >
> >He appears on the 1871 census, Bentinck. However, I
> >understand that this census shows the head of household
> >only. Cannot find him on any census since then.

As Johanna has pointed out, the 1871 census is a complete
census. What you have looked at is most likely the online
INDEX to that census.

Not only can you obtain full details of family members (as
described by Johanna) but you can get the Agricultural
portion of the 1871 census. This is often overlooked but
it's quite valuable. You can also send for the personal
section page of that 1871 census online (not the Ag
portion) by using the index information as it is shown on
the LAC website (where you first saw William's name). Click
on the HELP link on the LAC website and read the
instructions for sending for a copy of the page where
William's name appears.

You can obtain an Agricultural section on other census
years too, such as 1861. See for more info on what
can be found on each census taken in Canada -- and exactly
what questions are asked on each census year.

The Ag. portion gives you the exact land location of your
immigrant ancestor. With the land location (Lot, Conc,
Township, County) you can search the Abstract Index to
Deeds and Township
papers, which can contain a wealth of genealogical

The AItoD gives you all the owners of Crown Land since it
left Crown land hands. Once you find your ancestor on that
property, you will have an exact date of his purchase (or
grant or lease or...) of the land he is on in 1871

With a date of transaction you have narrowed the field for
immigration. Remember though that he may not have settled
on the land in question immediately on arrival in Ontario,
so you may have to search the CLRI (Canada Land Records
Index) This is a record of the *first* owner of crown land -
and details as to the type of transaction, date of
transaction, etc.

There's an explanation of the CLRI and other
land records in Ontario under ONTARIO RESEARCH

--New Databases online

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