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From: Sue Swiggum <>
Subject: Re: [TSL] Aquitania passenger lists
Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 16:30:09 -0300
In-Reply-To: <003501c6a22f$26e65630$3817fea9@Mani2>

Hi Moira,

At 08:38 PM 2006-07-07 -0500, Moira Elsley wrote:
>I sailed from Southampton on the Aquitania, arriving in Halifax on October
>25th, 1948. I was aged 9, my brother John Malcolm Ferguson, aged 11 and my
>mother, Jessie Robertson Ferguson (nee Millar) was 32. We had travelled
>from the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland to Southampton, England for the
>sailing. My father, James Ferguson, sailed on the Queen Mary, landing in
>Halifax 6 months ahead of us, but am uncertain if he departed from
>Southampton or Glasgow, Scotland.

That is a little curious, as I would have expected this trip to sail to
Quebec / Montreal ! My records confirm the arrival date, with 448 first
class and 1,375 tourist class passengers, but just state "westbound
arrival" which could have been Quebec / Montreal or Halifax. At 9 yrs
old, you would remember though. <smile> The Queen Mary and the Queen
Elizabeth, together with the Mauretania sailed only to New York in 1948,
with only one Mauretania trip (Nov. 11) being diverted to Halifax. They
too sailed from Southampton via Cherbourg and Cobh.

The Queen Mary arrived at New York . .
April 06
April 20
May 05
May 20
June 07
June 21

>Would anyone know where I might find passenger lists for the Aquitania and
>the Queen Mary for 1948? Also, is there anyone out there who sailed on
>these ships at the same times? Or is there anyone who may be related to
>either my mother or father? My maternal grandfather was Albert Millar,
>Glasgow, Scotland and my paternal grandparents were Mary and John Ferguson
>of Largs, Scotland.

Because of Canadian privacy laws, post 1935 Canadian passenger records are
still in the custody of Citizenship & Immigration. You can make
application under "freedom of information" for your own record, however
certain conditions apply when wanting to consult the landing record of
others. What will be received is an extract from the passenger list rather
than a photocopy of the list itself. Because you won't have access to a
copy of the passenger list itself, you'll have to make individual requests
for any other persons . . or maybe just include them all on your request .
. make sure you check the conditions below to include any required
documentation. Hopefully your mothers and brothers information would be
provided to you with your personal request, as you were travelling
together. I would definitely try for all the records if I were you even if
they don't meet the required conditions, as they are your immediate family
and could be all listed adjacent to one another.

Post-1935 Immigration Records

Records of immigrants arriving at Canadian land and sea ports from 1
January 1936 onwards remain in the custody of Citizenship and Immigration
Canada. Requests for copies of landing records should be directed to the
undernoted office:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Public Rights Administration
300 Slater Street
3rd Floor, Section D
OTTAWA, Ontario
K1A 1L1

Please note that the following conditions apply:

Applications for copies of documents must be submitted on an "Access to
Information Request Form" by a Canadian citizen or an individual present in

Fee: $5.00, payable to the Receiver General for Canada

The request must be accompanied by a signed consent from the person
concerned or proof that he/she has been deceased twenty years. Proof of
death can be a copy of a death record, a newspaper obituary or a photograph
of the gravestone showing name and death date.

The request should include the following information: full name at time of
entry into Canada, date of birth, year of entry. Additional information is
helpful, such as country of birth, port of entry, and names of accompanying
family members.

For access to your own landing record, please visit or write to your
nearest Canada Immigration Centre or Canadian Consular Office.
Fee: $30.00 for a certified copy for legal purposes. If you do not require
a certified copy, you can submit your request on a Personal Information
Request Form at no charge.

Copies of Access to Information Request Forms and Personal Information
Request Forms can be obtained from most Canadian public libraries and
federal government offices.


Best of luck

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