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Subject: Re: [TSL] The Harvest Queen from Liverpool to NY 1858
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 14:42:09 -0500
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The London Times of April 12, 1858 lists the Harvest Queen from Liverpool
being at New Orleans. In LTimes of May 26 it states:

"The Harvest Queen, from New York for Liverpool, April 14, in lat. 44,
long. 40."

In LTimes of May 31 the Harvest Queen is reported to have sailed May 30,
for NY.

In LTimes of June 11, reported spoken to "The Harvest Queen, from Liverpool
for New York, June 5, 51 N., 12 W."

In LTimes of July 2, the steamship Indian reported "On the 24th she passed
the American ship Harvest Queen and a Royal Mail steamer, supposed to be
the Arabia;..."

On Nov 22 the LTimes reports the Harvest Queen had arrived in NY.

The NY Times also reported on the vessel. On Oct 6, 1854

"The packet-ship Harvest Queen, from Liverpool, reported by Sandy Hook
Printing Telegraph on the 3d, has not yet arrived."

On Oct 10, 1854 NYT "Below. The Pilot Boat Nettle, No. 2, came up to the
City yesterday afternoon, and reports having boarded on Saturday, the
packet ship Harvest Queen, Young, from Liverpool, Aug 28, with mdse and a
large number of steerage passengers, to C.H. Marshall & Co."

On Oct 13 1854 NYT "Deaths On Shipboard.--The packet ship Harvest Queen,
from Liverpool, arrived here on the 9th, had 74 deaths during the passage."

On Jan 31, 1855 NYT "Vessel Abandoned at Sea. The packet-ship Harvest
Queen, Capt. Young, from Liverpool, arrived on the bar yesterday, and at
the City to-day. Capt. Y. reports: Jan. 14, lat. 50 degrees, long. 22
degrees, exchanged signals with ship Atalanta. Jan. 22, lat. 56 degrees
16', long. 56 degrees 16', fell in with brig Aspasia, Capt. Crow, in
distress, with flag Union down; spoke her; the Captain reported her
dismasted, and in a leaky condition, and wished to be taken off; took them
on board; also some cordage and sails, and brought them to this port. The
A., being abandoned, was fired to avoid collision during the night."

There is an ad for her in the NYT on March 27, 1855. She was a ship of the
Black Ball Line (listed as new in the ad). It states she was owned by C.H.
Marshall & Co., No. 38 Burling-slip, foot of John-st. It also states "Each
adult passenger will be entitled to the following weekly allowance of
Provisions: 1 1/2 lbs Beef or Pork; 1 1/2 lbs. Codfish; 2 1/2 lbs Bread; 2
lbs. Flour; 3 lbs Oat-Meal; 1 lb Rice; 1 1/2 lbs. Beans; 2 oz. Tea; 1/2 lb
Sugar or Molasses.

Passengers are required to find their own bedding and utensils for
receiving and eating their good."

The ad states they sailed on the 1st and 16th of the month.

On Sept 7, 1857 in NYT

The ship Harvest Queen, Capt. Young, from Liverpool, arrived Sept. 5, with
701 passengers. Two days out from Liverpool a case of small-pox broke out.
With decided good judgment the Captain ordered all the passengers to be
vaccinated. The surgeon fulfilled the order literally, but,
notwithstanding, within the last week one other case only occurred, with
was that of a lad. Upon inquiry it was ascertained that this person was
passed over when the others were inoculated. No other cases occurred. This
prudent foresight of Capt. Young has saved an unpleasant term of Quarantine
to the ship and passengers besides considerable expense to the owners."

For 1858 the NYT reports these movements for the Harvest Queen:

Jan 15 - Sailed from Liverpool Dec 26 for Constantinople
Mar 1 - Sailed for Savannah Feb 10, from Milford
Apr 2 - cleared for Liverpool
Apr 5 - reported sailed to Liverpool
July 17 - arrived from "Liverpool May 30, with mdse. and passengers to C.H.
Marshall & Co. Was towed into Quarantine last night by steamtug W.H. Webb."
Aug 9 - cleared for Liverpool
Nov 5 - arrived "Harvest Queen, Young, Liverpool Oct 11, with mdse and
passengers to C.H. Marshall & Co. Anchored in the lower Bay last evening."



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>I am wondering if anyone can tell me if an "image" of the Harvest Queen that
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>the history of the ship.
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