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From: Sue Swiggum <>
Subject: Re: [TSL] ship unknown
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 18:17:38 -0300
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Lorine has explained the situation with the unindexed passenger lists, but
if you have a fairly fast connection, it wouldn't be an impossible task to
search those ships which stopped at Irish ports en route to Quebec. I
think it is most likely that he would arrive at that port rather than
Halifax or Saint John, as those were the "winter" ports.

I have tested whether this works and it does. Go into the search an just
type . .

Year of Arrival: 1912
Port of Arrival: Quebec
Port of Departure: Ireland

You'll see just 12 arrivals. The LAKE CHAMPLAIN sailed from Liverpool via
Belfast and the PRETORIAN and SCANDINAVIAN sailed from Glasgow via
Londonderry. Make a note that the search results are not returned in
chronological order, so if you start from the top, you'll be searching an
October arrival followed by a May arrival.

Do the same thing for 1913 (if neccessary) and you'll see there are fewer
ships, just 9. The PRETORIAN sailing from Glasgow via Londonderry :: note
:: the Library & Archives of Canada database might just say Moville, but
that is (for all intents and purposes) Londonderry. The ASCANIA sailed
from Southampton via Queenstown (aka Cobh / Cork).

You don't indicate where in Ireland he was born. If you know, it should
help narrow your search a little more as you can start with the port
closest to his residence.

I had another thought, to try

NIXON J 19 M 1912 Liverpool Canada Quebec
NIXON James 19 M 1913 Londonderry Canada Quebec
NIXON James 28 M 1913 Glasgow Canada Quebec
NIXON W J 2 M 1912 Liverpool Canada Quebec

. . . but the age(s) don't fit. I have no idea whether all passenger who
embarked at Irish ports are included in that database, somehow I don't
think so.

Good luck,

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At 09:58 AM 2007-09-19 -0600, DEAN EDMOND wrote:
>My grandfather came from Ireland to Canada in 1913. His name was James
>Wilford Nixon. He was born in Ireland on July 11, 1888, he had a brother
>named william and a sister named maggie. His parents were John and
>Elizabeth. He settled in Elgin or Souris Manitoba. I would like some
>information on the names of ships that came over from Ireland in 1912 or
>1913 or if anybody has any information about my grandfather.

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