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From: "Betty" <>
Subject: [TSL] "Arethusa" training ship
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 05:06:32 -0500


Since the ship, "Arethusa," has been mentioned on 2 Lists within the past
few days, out of curiousity I just searched, and found out it is a Greek
word meaning "of the water." When I added "Arethusa ship" ( found this
page which lists the people and boys on the ship in 1881:

This page mentions all the ships by the name

Here is a web page about the "training ships"

Here is a nice picture of the former "training ship"

In the same search, I found this site which offers pictures of ships, which
include one of the Arethusa:

Another page mentioning the "training ships:

She was hulked in 1874 when she replaced the frigate HMS Chichester as the
Shaftesbury Homes' training ship. At that time the Shaftesbury Homes was
known 'The National Refuges for Destitute Children' - a society having it's
origin in 1843. She continued in this role until 1932 when the four-masted
Barque Peking took her place.
The frigate was broken up in 1934.

.. Here's an interesting tidbit:

Turns out this name is mentioned on many web sites:

.. I just checked the archives of the BHC List, and the "Arethusa" has been
mentioned 21 times - from 2000 to present:

.. I'm just now curious how many of the boys on those "training ships"
actually became - mariners.

(My BHC great-grandmother had an older brother who was on the "Akbar
Training Ship" around 1871. Somehow he got to Vancouver, BC, in 1873.)

Betty (near Lowell, MA, USA)

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