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From: Sue Swiggum <>
Subject: Re: [TSL] "Demosthenes" Austrlaia 1911?
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 21:47:51 -0300
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Hi Janice,

The Ancestry index says (don't know why it says Victoria)

Victoria, Australia, Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists, 1839–1923
about Miss B Hudson
Name: Miss B Hudson
Estimated birth year: abt 1911
Age: 9 Months
Arrival Date: 9 Oct 1911
Arrival Port: Brisbane, Australia
Departure Port: London
Ship: Demosthenes
Nationality: English

This looks like the right Barbara but the age doesn't make sense because it
would take so long for a Feb 1911 London departure to arrive in Brisbane.
..... confusing

Findmypast has them listed twice, once for London and once for Plymouth
departure, but only Brisbane destination. (I don't have a sub so I can't
check the details)

HUDSON B 1911 F 1911 London Australia Brisbane
HUDSON B 1911 F 1911 Plymouth Australia
HUDSON J 1876 F 1911 London Australia Brisbane
HUDSON J Unknown
F 1911 Plymouth Australia Brisbane
HUDSON R 1883 M 1911 London Australia Brisbane
HUDSON R Unknown
M 1911 Plymouth Australia Brisbane

Barbara on FreeBMD

Births Jun 1910
HUDSON Barbara Irene Ormskirk 8b 906

Being born in the June quarter 1910 would have her sailing in Feb 1911 in
my mind, but the ship appears to have arrived at Melbourne, 9th October
1911, then to Sydney, then on to Brisbane. 950 passengers with provisions
for a voyage taking 54 to 65 days.

Maybe someone can find the London sailing dates in newspaper reports. I
can't comment on the the age ... which _should_ be at the date of sailing
... has me wondering if she was 9 months old at the time of booking the
passage ... just a thought. With adults a year +/- wouldn't be too much
of a concern, but with an infant it can cause a lot of confusion.

btw. the Demosthenes belonged to (new ship in 1911)

Aberdeen Line / Aberdeen & Commonwealth Lines

Maybe Ted can dig up her info which would include her maiden voyage which
will probably nail down the voyage ... one website says five voyages to
Australia in 1911 ... I find that hard to credit.

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At 09:22 AM 2010-07-17 +1000, Janice Doughty wrote:
>Good morning Listers,
>I have a mystery I hope SKS can help me solve.
>I am assisting a friend to research her mother's side of the family. She
>told me her grandparents Richard and Jessie HUDSON, immigrated Down Under
>with her mother Barbara Irene HUDSON early in 1900. Her mother was born
>on 15th May 1910 in Southport in Lancashire. I searched the immigration
>Website records and found thier arrival in Australia on the Queensland
>website on the Card Index to Personal Files for Nominated Immigrants,
>Arrival in Brisbane:-
>HUDSON Barbara Irene 9m 1911 "Demosthenes" Father HUDSON Richard
>HUDSON Jessie 35 1911 "Demosthenes" HUDSON Richard
>HUDSON Richard 28 1911 "Demosthenes" HUDSON Richard.
>Is the year 1911, the year the "Demosthenes" sailed from England, or the
>year she arrived in Brisbane? No matter how many Googles I carry out, I
>cannot find an actual date of her arrival. I will explain my
>dilemma. Barbara Irene HUDSON was either 9 months old when she sailed on
>the "Demosthenes" from England with her parents, or 9 months old when she
>arrived. So the ship either sailed in February 1911 or arrived in
>Australia in February 1911, I can see the "Demosthenes" arrived maybe a
>couple of times Down Under in 1911, however I would like to find the
>actual voyage the HUDSON family was one. I do hope someone can help
>me. Thank you
>Belrose - Sydney

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