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From: "Janice Doughty" <>
Subject: Re: [TSL] "Demosthenes" Austrlaia 1911?
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 08:52:50 +1000
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Good morning Marj and Listers,

I would love a copy of the write up Marj, that would be great.

I with to thank Marj and everyone else on the List who have so kindly
responded to my enquiry regarding the "Demosthenes" with great information
about the ship, the Captain, the crew she carried and also about the Hudson

I suppose we will never discover why Barbara Irene Hudson's age was give as
9 months, when in fact she was 15 months old when the ship sailed from
England on 1st Sept 1911 and 17 months old when the family disembarked in
Brisbane on 23rd October 1911, once on board no one would check out a
child's age, with the ship carrying so many passengers.

One suggestion was that a child under one would have travelled free and
maybe the family was short of funds at the time. Another was that the
Barbara born in 1910 may have died and a second daughter was born and given
the same name. However, there was not enough time for Jessie to have
another child and also my friend Pat, who I am helping to research her
family, has her mother's birth certificate and she was definitely born on
15th May 1910.

Once again thank you for such great information, this is a very helpful List
and some Listers went to a great deal of time and trouble, especially Sue.

Belrose - Sydney

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Subject: Re: [TSL] "Demosthenes" Austrlaia 1911?

> Hi Janice,
> London Times has an item March 8, 1911 about the launches and trial trips
> of the Demosthenes. Her first sailing was in an ad of June 9, and she was
> due to sail Aug 31. On Aug 18, the Times reported she was "lying in the
> royal Albert Docks preparatory to her departure for South Africa and
> Australia on the 31st of this month." She was 11,300 tons with a
> displacement of 20,000 tons. It says she would make the trip to Australia
> in 40 days and carry 100 first, 1,200 third-class passengers. This was
> some fancy ship. If you would like the write up let me know.
> Regards..
> Marj

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