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From: Mary Lou Barrett <>
Subject: [UFT] UFT & MS Word 2007
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 09:14:11 -0700 (PDT)
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I still use Word 2002 and XP and have no problem.  Did a search of my files and came up with this in answer to my question some time ago.  I have another txt file on this with info from Microsoft I can send you direct if this doesn't work. 
Mary Lou
When printing to Word, I get the message "Ambiguous name detected TmpDDE". How do I correct this?
Macros are created via DDE to do the work needed to set up the report. If a report is aborted, sometimes the macro is not properly deleted. If this
happens, the next time you try to print, Ultimate Family Tree tries to create the macro again, which fails since a copy already exists. You may be able to
resolve this problem if you delete the Tmpdde macro from the Microsoft Word global template (Normal.dot) file. To do this, use the following steps: Start
Microsoft Word. On the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then click Macros. Select any macro with the name Tmpdde and click Delete. Click Yes to
confirm that you want to delete the macro. Then, close Word, restart your machine, and try again.
Here's what I could find.
I hope this helps.
Paul Burchfield, Genealogy.com Technical Support




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Sorry I almost missed your reply since you opened a new thread.  Do you use
MS Word 2007 as your editor in UFT and do you have Vista as your operating
system?  If you did find a way to use it I'll keep looking for a solution.



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It seems to me that the TmpDDE?? problem related to a file by that name.?
Seems to we the solution was to delete that file.?? The program will then
recreate it and the problem is solved.?? You might? rename that file as a
trial to see if it works.?? Been a long time since I've heard about this and
I'm going from memory.? Maybe others remember as well. ? I'm sure I had the
problem years ago - maybe Word 2003.
?Mary Lou?????????

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