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Hi sans,

Joseph EYLES is "Gardener &c." - the etcetera means he was a gardener and also did other (usually related) activities, for example Gardener and Fruit Grower.

James BAKER (not BARTON!) is ostler &c.

Samuel CUZNER (not CUZITE!) is Hair Dresser & Perfumer &c., so maybe in addition to hairdressing and perfuming he also shaved beards or did similar things.

It definitely is not "to" but "&c."

If you have got enough space in the occupation column, leave the &c in as it does give an indication that the occupation listed is not the only thing the person was doing.


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> Hi Geoff
> Im in 1654 Frome
> If you look at page 21 folio 14 [574]sch 115 Joseph Egles ..gardener 'to'
> or
> page 22 sch 116 [575]cork street james barton ostler 'to'
> page 23 foliio 15 [576] samuel cuzite after hair draper and perfumer it has '&c'
> does this explain? what im talking about
> sans

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